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to freedom are men and women of zeal, well-meaning, but
without knowledge or understanding.”
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Ranch Manager

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Sardine for the Sanctuary...

Spring has arrived, and apparently, a new horse at our favorite Sardine Can, Tierra Madre. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. On March 26, Jim wrote in his blog how worried he is about "you-know-what" (money) and how he had implored the faithful to get the word out via e-mail to their friends, acquaintances, etc. Only 3 had done so. Not good, Thong Club. So, he is hoping more will take the time to get the word out. Jim is worried sick about finances, and his "kids". Having just called the vet out for one of his horses, and run up another bill, I can understand how he must feel. Surprisingly, (not) on the ABR forum, on the same day, he made the announcement of the new arrival. If he didn't take her, there was a chance she would end up at the Slaughter plant, or in a "not so good" home, as compared to the wonderful life she will have at Jim's place. Does this make any sense at all? I'm not sure what the count is up to there, but I think it is over 30. Of course, Jim, our allegoric hero plans to get her riding well and adopt her out. Or not. I'm betting on not. According to Jim, his vet made this match in heaven. I gotta meet this guy. He's got to be something. Here's a place that has horses with revolving issues, vet bills that continue to mount, and he feels a horse with an injury should recuperate at Hotel Tierra Madre, where exercise, room, even time for human contact is limited? I think Jim Gath is a man who truly loves horses, don't get me wrong. But I also think he's a hoarder, and that's a dangerous combination. Anyone enabling his behavior is complicit in what happens to those horses. For that person to be his vet, who KNOWS the situation, and space limitations, it's even more troubling. I'm sure Jim is convinced that Tierra Madre is the only solution for this horse. But I can't believe that others, especially a Vet would enable this hoarding behavior. Welcome to Hotel Tierra Madre, River. You may be not yet 3 years old, but I believe you've just entered into retirement.

By RH2