“The greatest deterrent
to freedom are men and women of zeal, well-meaning, but
without knowledge or understanding.”
~Justice Louis Brandeis~

"People are so quick to defend their own agendas, but they so often fail to realize we must protect the rights of all if we are to continue to have any rights of our own."

Ranch meaning, in general, any real world dwelling probably not involving full care board. Kind of a rural voice of real horse owners, trainers, traders, auction owners, rodeo contractors, etc.. all of us who have taken a verbal beating and called greedy ass hats. Back at the Ranch contributors, moderators, subjects, and so on, are pro-horse, pro-owner, and pro-slaughter.
Back at the Ranch was formed by a group of like minded horse / livestock owners. It is a place for us to try to educate, a place to vent our frustrations with the current equine industry, a place to share humor and snark, and in general try to open the eyes of the public who seem to be anti-agriculture.We do have a section for comments of course, and if you would like to email us you can do so directly or through the contact us form. We like to hear from our readers. I hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as I enjoy managing it.
Ranch Manager

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What could be worse than slaughter? - update

This is an email I received concerning the most recent rescue of the rescued. The rescue being discussed has it's 501c3 status,they have a nice website, set up to take donations on line etc...etc... apparently they just don't have any sense? Anyway, here's the email and a link. If you want to read what the anti slaughter I loves horsies set are saying about this most recent atrocity follow the link.....

hey, RM, i wanted to post this link on the comment section of Thursday's blog, but couldn't get it to paste. if you can believe it, the story gets even worse. it appears that two rescues took their horses to the rescue that is starving and killing the horses. one of the rescues, when contacted about the condition of the horses, refused to pick the horses they took there up, and to date is still defending the one we're discussing. the other one has taken in horses, and is caring for them. one of her horses has died. SHE is being attacked, because she had horses at the rescue. what a friggin' mess!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's worse than Slaughter? How about Equine Rescue?

see story


The above links are yet another example of how Rescue has turned into long term torture for the horses unfortunate enough to fall into their care.While those on the Anti Slaughter side continue to re-live the past, and regale us with the findings of years ago, and talk about how things will never change, horses continue to suffer at a regular and alarming rate at the hands of those who are by their own definition more loving and compassionate than we back at the Ranch, on the Pro horse side will ever aspire to be.Thank God I'm on this side. I can't imagine the humanity involved in watching a horse slowly deteriorate day after day right in front of my eyes. What kind of special love and compassion is required to allow not one, but multiple horses to slowly starve, often walking over the dead carcasses of their herd mates in search of food and water that isn't there? The captive bolt? The smell of blood? The sense of panic when loaded onto a crowded trailer? I think it must pale in comparison to the living hell a horse must experience day after day when receiving the loving care only those blessed with a "special understanding" of the horse can supply. And what gifted person closes the door each night, walks into their own home and sits down to dinner while slow death is going on right outside that door? If I seem a little pissed off, or a bit cruel, well, I just am. I am so sick and tired of not only reading these damned stories, but the finger pointing and justifying that goes along with them. Hey, here's an idea, it would appear that Rescue is inhumane, why not get some legislation on the table to stop it? I think it's the moral thing to do before even one more horse enters the "Rescue Pipeline".Yes, I know there are a lot of good, responsible Rescues out there. I support some of them. I am just sick to death reading about the other ones while hearing about the inhumanity of Slaughter. And we are certainly hearing about the others on a fairly regular basis lately. I wonder what the Anti Slaughter side thinks about that?
Written by RH2
RH2, I know you were being a little bit facetious when you said
“Hey, here's an idea, it would appear that Rescue is inhumane, why not get some legislation on the table to stop it? I think it's the moral thing to do before even one more horse enters the "Rescue Pipeline".
However I really do feel that there are not enough legal guidelines for rescues. Sure they have to clear a couple hurdles and jump through a hoop or two to get their tax exempt status (or so I am told) But there seem to be no physical requirements, no real rules to follow in the care and upkeep of the horses and facilities. Obviously there is no organization or officials inspecting facilities or checking on the animals even periodically. I am disgusted with the whole damn thing!!
Thank you for writing this, we all need to pay attention to what is really going on and not be fooled or side tracked by the anti side anymore.
ooops almost forgot.... Vicki......
she has her google alert set to notify her when her name is used. LOL

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gee It's Quiet in here...........

*note from RM - This piece was written a while ago by RH2 and I was delayed in getting it posted. I apologize to you rh2 but I also think it was karma. It seems quite appropriate to post at this time. Hope you all enjoy the read.......

Ever since John and Vicki decided to pack up and leave, it's been a little quiet in here.Obviously their followers, well.....followed suit.I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. When John Holland stated in the comment section of the now infamous "Opinion Blog post " the Anti Slaughter's fault in closing the Plants in America, I was not only surprised, but hopeful.I thought we finally had an opening to have a true dialog on where we may go from here. I was impressed with John Holland, and I can honestly say I never would have thought I would say that about him. Here was a man admitting to something that has literally affected a huge population of American horses in a devastating manner. And he was honest. You don't find that accountability much anywhere.
The Anti Slaughter side, for the most part, has tried to spin their culpability in this lack of foresight into ammunition not only against the Pro Horse side, but as further proof that even more Legislation is needed to end Slaughter. They have sidestepped the fact that their actions are what put American Horses in Mexico and Canada, and used the footage of the Inhumane methods by which those horses meet their ends to try to lay blame on the Pro Horse side. Mr. Holland's admission that it was in fact, the Anti Slaughter side's lack of foresight that caused this was, I believe the first time I've read an admission of their guilt.As for Vicki Tobin, she speaks of spin, and one needs only to visit her Website to see why she is so familiar with it.
She lays blame on the Pro Horse side for every bad thing that has happened to American horses, while neatly sidestepping her own part in it.She'll proudly tell you of the battle the Anti Slaughter side has fought to help the horses, while denouncing the Pro horse side for doing nothing. I can't help but wonder where Vicki gathers her information? Or is this opinion spoken as truth....or perhaps spin?I can't speak for all on the Pro Horse side, but I can tell Vicki that I was very active in the battle longer than many on the Anti side, being an actual horse owner myself. And while we parted ways when the Anti faction chose to get the plants closed in America and doom American horses to the journey they must take now to foreign plants, I by no means felt it was "all right" that transport laws were not enforced. Nor was I unaware of the Slaughter issue. I am all for the most humane method of Slaughter possible. And, no, I do not, have not, nor will I ever give in and use the more PC terms others use to make anyone happy. I call it what it is, and deal with the reality.
So, I get a little tired of hearing those on the Anti side preach on about how they are the only ones who have anything invested in this battle....or how someone else so clearly stated...how they feel they have "invented the wheel" where this issue is concerned.Like the Pro Horse side, there are those on the Anti Slaughter side who are working to make things better. I wish we could talk, because I think we could get things done. Unfortunately, these people seem to be in the minority. And they seem almost afraid to reach out. I wonder why that is?We had a chance here to at least have a talk. And talking is the first step. We're all individuals, and although it may be easier to lump us all into a group that some choose to label and hate, it won't get us anywhere
I for one, hope John and Vicki stop back in, and bring their friends. And maybe next time, they can leave their preconceived notions at the gate, and try to just have a conversation on where we can go from here. It may not seem like much of a step, but it may just be the start of a solution we can all live with.
Written by RH2