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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fall Of Fugly? FHOTD blog changes.

The Fall Of Fugly

Anyone familiar with the internet has most likely read or atleast heard of the "Fugly Horse of the Day" blog. Some love it, some not so much. Fugly professes to be an expert on conformation, to have "the eye" when it comes to Thoroughbreds, and is Anti Slaughter.She also has no problem "outing" those she feels needs it. Those needing outing can be guilty of any variety of offenses....backyard breeding, having the wrong tack, dressing badly, being overweight, being ugly, being stupid, or just getting on the wrong side of Fugly. Fugly has a group of followers ready and willing to mass e-mail and harass anyone unfortunate enough to fall under Fugly's radar. They are merciless, and age is no barrier.So, it was a little surprising to hear this past week that Fugly had shut down the "comment" section of her Blog where she and her group often tear their "victim of the Day" to shreds and report on what they have done to them.Speculation, of course, is varied. Allegations of Fugly's personal and financial misdeeds had been brought up, and discussed. The comments were not to the liking of some of the "fugly faithful" who tried in vain to remind those making the less than flattering charges that Fugly's blog was indeed a place to discuss serious horse issues only. Those who have read attacks on the Victims of the Day in the past probably got quite a laugh from that!So Fugly, who has never cared about little things like Copyright laws, the feelings of others, no matter what their age, mental capabilities, financial situations, or anything else for that matter, suddenly chose to take the high road. She will now publish the "5 best" comments she receives each day. Can anyone say damage control?Sure, the gossip is good, and the allegations will continue to fly in light of her decision to shut down the comment option. The blog may even end up disappearing. If it does, I for one will be glad.Fugly has long been a "voice" for the Anti Slaughter movement. And I, as a horse owner have long questioned if someone like her is what we want or need as a representation for EITHER side of this issue. Do we really want the Equine industry represented by someone who regularly uses foul language, and encourages mob mentality online? Who attacks other human beings for the sheer entertainment value of it?Is it wise to have as a representative of our cause someone who promotes breeding when the equine population is already out of control because they feel they have "the eye"? Surely we can all agree there are enough Thoroughbreds in need of homes, does any one need to breed the ones rescued from the kill lots?And we certainly don't need someone who refuses to even have a conversation with anyone with an opposing view.Fugly has done a lot of good in her rescue efforts, but the blog, and her actions resulting from that blog have made her far more of a liability than an asset to the anti side of this issue, and to the Equine community in general.

"Apologies to those of you who were responsibly using the comments; however, Blogger rules were broken with regard to the harrassment of individuals other than myself and so they have gone away until I can come up with a reasonable solution that does not add hours of work to my day."


  1. OH I just KNEW there was a reason I copied some of the more juicy, personal, comments from the FHOTD blog. Apparently fugly was unavailable to moderate comments and it got out of hand. I'm guessing thats the real reason all comments have "gone away". Here ya'll go-
    "http://www.bloggerprofile/10288243161293657642" said...
    I know that I am an infrequent poster here but I thought you all would like to know where Fugs is. Many of you know we had a falling out but the REAL reason is that she had an affair with my husband. Well guess what? She has not posted a blog today because she left WA DC and stopped in Atlanta to visit my husband again. She is there for some SEX! As you can tell my relationship with him is over. But I also thought I would let you know that she is a lying thieving WHORE! I have fully nude photos of her that she sent him in December if any of you are interested. Her phone number is (phone#removed) if you all would like to call her and tell her what you all think of a whore!
    She also used to steal from me when we were friends and sell the stuff on Craiglist to support herself. If any of you would like to email me my email address is
    email removed

    July 15, 2009 6:52 PM
    July 15, 2009 6:53 PM

  2. continued-
    I posted my personal email address in case anyone thinks I am a troll in disguise.
    I am sorry to air this garbage here, but the first time it happened I handled it with as much class as possible. I ended up with a black eye. She told me it was ended and well she flew back to DC then to Atlanta where my ex is currently working. His cell phone accidentally called me and I heard her voice chattering away in the background. I called to verify were she SAYS she was and was told that she and her boyfriend Mark had just left. So I am left with my only outlet available. I am sure she will get on here and delete this when she gets out of bed that is.
    DYRNFH I am so sorry to hear what you have been put through by a supposed friend.

    Ignore the bitches here. This is very much the type of hype Cathy has built her reputation on.

    And for those who say what does this have to do with horses?
    I guess fugs was confused about who owned the barn and thought she could fuck her way into having one of her own.
    I guess she was confused and thought she was entitled to what she stole from a friend who was housing her and her horses.
    And probably feeding the lot.
    It goes to character.
    Always knew she was a snake...

    You kept this in a lot longer than many would have.
    And I have always thought you are a real class act.

    GOD where is CNJ when a person needs eye bleach?

    And to the rest of you who say these kind of things do not matter?
    Thank you for showing me exactly what your moral base is.

    Say what you want about me. In considering the sources?

    ZTIG quit fronting you ain't no professional trainer!

    Drsgjunky you really are a mess.

    And this is someone some of you are cheering on in all her endeavors?

    Oh and yeah guys what is she really doing with all of that donated money from horsereunions.com?
    And the money from charging rescues to advertise here?
    Amazing how clueless some of you really are.
    And you think you should be given a vote on something as important as Equine Welfare!?!

    And whoever said horses that were slaughtered had to be bled out?
    Not when they are still living.
    If you really knew you would know that.
    So no I don't believe you.
    Or your alarmist post.

    Because she is a person of such sterling character.
    July 15, 2009 8:53 PM


  3. Continued again- Saved my favorite for last.

    Besides the who's f(removed) who in this saga, this whole thing IS ABOUT the horses!! Can't some of you read???? Cathy passing bad checks, car getting repo'ed, accusations of neglect and byb'ing. GOOD GAWD! Even Cathy herself said she didn't out her like she would've everyone else on this crazy assed blog. As if the rest weren't enough.

    This is a blog that CONTINUALLY makes fun of and discusses other people's personal lives besides that with horses and yet now that it's directed at your fearless leader, you're all in an uproar!

    In the beginning it WAS an informative blog where you could pick up tips and learn a little something about horses and have a good discussion about the idiots with horses. But as happens all too often in the horse world, those that scream the loudest that they're the way and the light, have a way of falling on their face, right into a steaming pile of horsecrap!

    A lot of you (not all) have merrily joined in when Fugs not so nicely "outs" someone. I have seen the comments that have absolutely nothing to do with horses that focus intently on the persons weight, what their supposed family life is, who their BF's are, that they're redneck whitetrash skanks, strippers/sluts just b/c of their name, way they dress. And then we have this Jerry Springer Episode in which Fugs is directly featured and has admitted to being part of.

    I watch as people bury their heads in the sand, plug their fingers in their ears while screaming "na na na na na, it's all about the horses, we don't care what Fugles does, it's just about the horses."

    I am amazed and disgusted, but like a trainwreck, can't look away.

    If what she said about YHI is true, then why didn't she "out" her?? Hypocrit much?? Oh that's right, she outs who she feels like outing and damn if it isn't all true since it came straight from the horse's ass (er, mouth).

    Strangely, this all reminds me of the shit with Cleve Wells, how lots of you were upset and disgusted that ANYONE could defend that twisted POS for abusing or allowing the abuse to Slow Lopin Scotch. People were all in a twist b/c others were defending and rationalizing the behavior, saying he didn't know, or it wasn't as bad as it seemed. FCOL it was in pictures, there were 2 vet reports, multiple witnesses. And just to be straight, I'm not comparing the two scenarios as to what was happening with the horses. I'm talking about having evidence of wrongdoing, no moral fiber and the defense of the indefensible. Wrong is wrong no matter what the reason.

    Btw, hating your previous best friend and fucking her SO/Husband IS WRONG!! Passing bad checks-WRONG. Fully encouraging strangers on the Internet to harass, pick on, stalk others and providing them the information to do so?? Now that could be considered criminal! Especially when minors and the mentally ill are involved.
    July 20, 2009 8:45 AM

  4. No surprise here. When you make it your daily mission to attack and demean people, once your dirty laundry is aired out, there's going to be a feeding frenzy. Fugly made it her mission to victimize people, and finally chose someone who had mental problems, and is not going away.
    It would be no loss to the Horse world if Fugly went back to where she came from.
    And from all that has been written, I've got a sneaking suspicion it's one of those little redneck farms she's always bashing.

  5. They've brought the comments back on FHOTD x

    PS- Are all the above posts by the same person?

  6. The original poster of this blog post is exceptionally smart. I couldn't agree more with every ounce of information you've filled in this post. I've been on the receiving end of "asshats of horsetopia" for merely sitting on my horse backwards. Well, lets see, I had a helmet on... Nothing dangerous around.

    People that bash needlessly, mercilessly on people that aren't financial wealthy or a WIP are seriously covered up for some fcked up emotions.

    Great post here my friend.

  7. Just because someone is a homewrecker doesn't necessarily mean their argument in relation to horses isn't legitimate. I am not a crazy Fugly follower, but some of the issues she raises are important. For example, FHOTD was one of the first places to give readers information on the whole Clive Wells debacle.

    Now don't get me wrong, I think making fun of someones weight, looks etc is mean and petty, but saying "you're an ass because you starved 200 horses" seems pretty fair. If you cannot afford to feed your horse, give it to a rescue or sell it. Pretty straightforward.

    I'm not interested in what personal affairs Cathy is involved in, I'm just interested in the reports on abusers/killbuyers etc. Yes, most of the stories on abusers do have Cathy calling them all sorts of names, but then again there are usually links to news channels, court reports etc. on how what these people did, and they are usually quite nasty characters (remember the one on the man who shot a mare in the head then reversed his car onto her?) who I think quite deserve the names.

  8. Ah. Yeah it does matter!
    It's a little thing called "character" and another little thing called "hypocrite"
    Which I've always known she was a phoney.

    Cathy is a wanna-be. As a farrier, I would NEVER take advice from a person who doesn't even know how to properly shoe their own horses, let alone does not have the knowledge to Trim their horses and she doesn't.
    She hires a farrier, because her equine knowledge is very limited.

    For this broad to go online and portray she is Equine Almighty is nauseating. She's just good at running her mouth.

  9. My experience with FUGLY is that they make false assumptions and comments without any factual evidence, alter photos as well as subsitute photos, and intentionally go out of their way to threaten and harras anyone they convince themselves not to want involved with horses even if that person has not done anything illegal or wrong.

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