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Thursday, October 22, 2009

If I say "Yes", Is It Abandonment?

Here's a good one for you....
Recently, a Rescue posted about a Thoroughbred left in her driveway! That's right- just left there! She comes home from running errands, and finds an extremely underweight, neglected mare just standing there.
Her claim was that the mare's trainer who could no longer feed her, abandoned her. The mare is not much more than skin and bones, needs hoof care, and has some medical issues.
The Rescue owner herself is full to capacity, and financially unable to cover the mare's costs.
Forum members are understandably upset about the mare's condition, and offers of help begin to trickle in. So do questions and concerns. Some feel, and rightly so, that animal controle should be called immediately.
And there's good news. The Rescue owner reports that upon seeing the mare, the Veterinarian knows her!
So, common sense would dictate that a report should be made, and that the person who allowed this mare to get in this deplorable condition should be held accountable. That's where we do the most good, isn't it? Making it clear that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, so that rescues who are already full do not have to deal with these horses?
Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you? Not so fast. The owner of the rescue doesn't seem to be as determined as those making suggestions to get this done. In fact, she seems to be dodging some questions, giving some vague answers, and giving some answers that don't make a lot of sense at all. As a matter of fact, she seems a little resistant.

Fast forward through a lot of confusion and double talk and guess what? Turns out the mare wasn't actually abandoned. The Rescue owner agreed to take her! When she posted on the Forum about her, she didn't intend to mislead anyone. She just wasn't really sure what constitutes abandonment.
So, for any other Rescues who get a call about a horse that someone can't care for- if you agree to take the horse, the horse has been donated to you not abandoned. Wouldn't you think that's a pretty simple concept?

And aren't you wondering now what other stories this Rescue has generated in order to get donations? Just askin'......


  1. Uhm...if the AQHA is ultimate evil in the rush to horse slaughter how come every time I hear a nut ball rescue forum story it involves an also ran starved out thoroughbred? The Jockey Club advocating anti-slaughter and getting behind the cause and all that?

  2. Funny I was thinking the same thing about the vast number of TB rescue story's we hear

  3. hr1-I'm sure that's just a coincidence:). But seriously, the Thoroughbred Industry has it's hands full with issues of it's own. It doesn't need to throw stones at the AQHA. It should really be cleaning up it's own back yard. When you're churning out horses that are broken down by the age of 3 in many cases in the quest for a Derby win, while waving the Anti Slaughter Flag, I really can't take you too seriously. Want to really get my attention? Raise that age for those maiden races, and stop running the legs off of those babies. Let them grow and mature and give them a chance to at least get those growth plates closed before you beat the feet off of them. Then they've got more of a chance to stay off the trucks. Yeah, I know, so much money out of your pockets if those 2 year olds can't run. But keep in mind-it's not about the money. At least that's what I keep hearing.

  4. No Vickie, John, or the others lately. Guess real life doesn't make cents?

  5. shovels.... its not real life that doesn't make cents.. its John,Vickie and the others.

  6. I think the John and Vicki types are making quite a bit of cents of the others who don't have any sense.