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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hoarder of the week..... 30 on 3

Yes That's 30 horses on 3 acres!

This picture was sent to me by one of our readers. While I found it amusing it also brought back just how sick and tired I am of these so called rescues and sanctuaries getting away with the abuse of horses in the name of love. All the while pointing the finger at those of us who are educated in equine management and calling us greedy, blood thirsty, horse murderers.
RH2 has written a couple posts about the Tierra Madre Sanctuary, “5 out/4 in” and “Coloreado to Arizona”. We make fun of places like this, we show our disgust, but what exactly can we do to get places like this shut down? Why are hoarders given the luxury of tax exempt status? And why don’t their “followers” see the harm they’re causing these horses.
I’ve seen Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary called “The Hotel California”. You know the place... The Eagles say “you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”..... Well I suppose maybe some leave ( 5 of them just recently) but it’s on a rendering truck or in whatever manner Jim gets rid of the carcasses. Or maybe they just checked out and maybe Jim buries them on that whopping 3 acres he has??

Please allow these horses to be “adopted”. Give them a chance at a normal life where they get to see day light, roll in the grass, and get out for a ride every now and then. What did any of them do to deserve to be jailed by you? Why are you allowing them to rot and die packed in like sardines with no purpose and no hope?



  1. Ya gotta love photoshop. Tragically funny and true. I got to thinking,,,,I believe we have "met" Lin from Epona. Remember a Lin who commented on the market opinion blog and the what could be worse than slaughter blog? Do you think it could be the same?

  2. I think your probably right about that being Lin. I think her rescue / sanctuary bothers me almost as much as Tierra Madre does. Something about collecting money to PROLONG a horse's suffering that really raises my hackles.

  3. Oh did you know Slaughter Sue of the United Horse Haters Front is autioning off a nice big truck. Get in on it folks, just 100 dollars a ticket, and they are only selling 600 woo hoo....do you think some of that money would go to a rescue nahhhhh. we are too busy ripping apart rescues....the majority take care of their horses but let's just disguss the ones that don't.

  4. I wish that there could be some kind of undercover study done on hoarders. It is just sad for the horses that fall into their care. Jim recently was asked why he took more horses into his already crowded facility, and his answer was "because they needed a place to go". Why do we allow that? I truly believe that if people were not sucked into the emotional payback these hoarders provide for them, they could not operate. If you look at people like Jim and Lin, that's the hook. Make the horses human, involve your donors in your life so that they feel they are needed, and they get an emotional payback every day. Jim's blog, while it is a hellish diary of pain for the horses, always evokes emotion for those who continue to send the money, the items for sale, and will now begin a fundraiser for hay. The fact that Jim does not appear to be able to sustain his Sanctuary himself, yet took more horses in does not even seem to register to Jim's faithful followers. And Jim will continue to take potshots at anyone who questions his methods. Jim as victim is only good for business. I am saddened for every horse that ends up in "Hotel Arizona". And don't even get me going on EPONA-I'm working on a story as we speak!

  5. Lin.. not once did anyone say on here that there was not good rescues... NOT ONCE... but you know.. if the nut cases would stop calling them selfs rescues and asking for money all the time.. we would then go else where to look for something to talk about.. but well.. you all make sure that there is lots to talk about now dont you.

  6. RH2-
    "And don't even get me going on EPONA-I'm working on a story as we speak!"
    Good! will it work my new "hoarder of the week posts"? LOL

    It is the "sanctuary" horses that I get most upset about. Horses kept in over crowded conditions, being kept alive and suffering with horrible problems and milking it out for all it's worth. If I was to offer to pay to euthanize her worst most suffering horse she would respond to me with anger and disgust. On the other hand she turns horses out in inapropriate desegregation and they literally are killed by other hoses. AH but hey Shit happens, not her fault, send more money, trucks, trailers etc....

  7. ....why not talk about Jason Meduna the shirtless wonder that starved over 70 horses to death, over 200 were rescued out of that hell hole, organizations pulled together and got those horses homes in a week. Talk about hoarders, keep the word rescue out of it...

  8. RESCUE/SANCTUARY... WE are not the ones that name the hoarders place of busness... if you do not want the word.. "rescue" to be used then you go to your buddies and have them change the name not us.. oh ya... JM starved over 100 horses.. out of just over 300 head.. only 200 were removed alive.. and some of them where just born colts. And them horses did not all find homes in a week.. most went to BB ranch in texas run by HSUS.. some went back to their owners that sent them to 3X.. and the mares seemed to have found some homes.. I know.. I was going to let the mares come here to my ranch to run on 2,000 ac. but have put the place up for sale. So once again Lin... your getting pissie with us for just saying it like it is.. Dont think we are the ones that you need to be pissed with... you need to go back to ABR and do the pissing where the OUTHOUSE is.

  9. I have talked about Jason Meduna several times. He was a rescue/sanctuary. He was not "outed" by the rescue community or any forum there in. He was turned by his neighbors.

    What part of not being "entitled" to other peoples' money, be it raffle fund raiser earnings or private income, is so hard to understand? The lack of interest or support of this sick little poor me, send me money to help me help horses is not an insult to any organization or individual in my mind.

    Enabling the ulitmate dodge of personal responsiblity for owners or "breeder", donating to the majority of rescues is like passing out drugs to addicts, too much will never be enough and the root of the problem is still growing.

    I made the offer to write a check to the vet who put down a "rescue" colt with a severe disfiguring facial injury. I even went so far as to tell the rescue set I would go out in the country and gather up another healthy "free" baby colt to take his place in their poor me pens. No takers. I assume the poor little bugger will eventually die of infection or starve to death because he can't eat properly while the rescues on that forum are fighting over him and his obvious donation drawing power rather than actually caring for or putting the colt down.

    Had the "responsiblity" ball not been dropped the owner would have put him down instead of pawning him off on a rescue. That's what all the horsemen and women I know would have done. Of course I don't know the story, could have been the rescue begged to get him, who knows, logic has been totally out the window since Barbaro spoke from the grave.
    Ya gotta laugh at it or you will want to beat people with the infamous clue by four.

  10. Outhouse that's real nice of you. but yes we have to take it from where it comes.... from shit for brains . ABR saved/rescued 3100 horses and raised more than $1.2 million. What do you do to help the horse situation. Do you write to aqha about over breeding ? of course not it's ok in your book. It's ok to butcher a horse alive. I helped with the nebraska rescue. Two yearlings starved, with parasites, all those horses that lived were saved. By a home or organization. Jason Meduna let those horses starve to death. His wife knew and did nothing. They were never a rescue.

  11. Once again Lin... you do not know as much as you think you do.. of that 3100 horses how many had to be put down or died shortly after the SAVE? Put down or died because they were not taken care of after the save or had something going on that no one but the person taking the horse to the sale knew about. And how come the whole unwanted horse thing is the AQHA's fault?? What in the heck do they have to do about it.. they are not the ones that take the horses to the sale when they become unwanted. Why don't you go to all the SHIT FOR BRAINS that have a stud and a few mares that they picked up cheap at the sale barn and think they can breed a good horse... and when they find out they cant sale that horse they run the unbroken Stud horse to the sale and so people like you can pick it up for little to nothing.. say its going to cost a arm and legs to board and then head to ABR to get people to give you money to take care of this horse...I have 30 horses.. I just spent 1560.00 for a colt that a gelding tried to kill... gelding headed to the sale barn.. colt will get to grow up be started and with some luck be a great horse even if he had a busted jaw and has scars.... the good ones i will do my best to make something of them.. the bad ones are on the truck... just like people.. you do not know if your kid will be a good one or a bad one.. it don't matter if you raise them right and teach them right from wrong... there are good ones and bad ones. And now our rescues are like our jails... to many for what they can hold... and we are footing the bill... we cant feed our own kids but yet we can keep all the killers and bad people in food and a roof over their heads.. warm.. and all their needs met.
    WHATS UP WITH THAT... So if you can save some good horses that will have a use in this world then great.. but to put 30 horses on 3 arc. and say they have a good life.. ya right... try again... i had 2 horses on 3 arc. and there was no way there was room for them.. and when you put a house and barn with them horses on that little land.. that is even worse... no one is giving the horse the care and life that a good horse deserves.
    So yes.. ABR is a OUTHOUSE... and all your doing is pissing away the life's of horses that should have better.. weather it be slaughter where it would be wanted for something even if it was food... or to be put down to save someone from being hurt or to stop the hurting of the horse. Do not tell me i do nothing for the horse.. I do everything I can for MY horses. and I let the owners of other horses do the same.

  12. Ranch Manager, I think it will. It's like the Phoenix Rising story, though. Every time I think I've got it wrapped up, someone sends me more information, and I'm off again. It's really crazy! What the hoarders dn't realize is that if we don't continue to point them off, they will continue to be able to ride on the coat tails of the legitimate rescues. We have to find a way to open peoples' eyes up to them. I've noticed that they trend to have strong support. They can really draw people in with the way they make the horses human. it's sad to see when the horses don't get the care they need.

  13. Lin,
    Are you the Lin that owns Epona rescue?

  14. Jim announced on a post yesterday at ABR that he has 32 "kids". It's also a hair under 3 acres...who knows what his definition of hair is...

    LMAO 3100 horses "saved" on ABR. I challenge you (Lin) to name where even 500 of those horses are today. Don't forget that all the ones that have starved and died at the hands of other rescues are also included in the amazing number (insert eye roll)...

    Oh, here is a funny...a chick named Marilyn that is a rabid 3 Strikes and Jason supporter to this day has now offered to make pillows and quilts for people who donate to TM. EPONA and TM attract all the nutbags...wonder why that is? :)

  15. 32 now now huh... Good lord, what a sad deal for those horses.

  16. BUC, please tell me you're kidding me! 32 horses now? I was hoping 30 was the cap for Tierra Madre. I was hoping that in the insanity, he would keep it to that number. I know 30 on 3 is impossible, but in my mind, if he kept it at that, well, I don't know what I thought. I just thought that was his maximum. Lord help those horses! EPONA and Tierra Madre know their audience, make no mistake about that. There are a lot of empty souls on the internet. They need to feel cared about and needed, and they need to belong. People like Lin and Jim feed off of those needs. I know that sounds cold, but if we get to the very bottom of this, that is what it is. They know how to play on the weaknesses and needs of these people. And they do it well. Just read the posts, and see how they work them. It's sad, really, that we have so many people that need this type of feedback from strangers. Says a lot about the world we live in.