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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anyone else have a hard time understanding this?

A while back I discover there is a horse rescue who is also involved in the sales of “broker owned horses”.
A fancy way of saying horse traders I guess. Now mind you I have no problem with a person who makes a living dealing horses. As with any other business I only support the honest and reputable of course. Here’s where I’m having a hard time with this program.... These horses are purchased at auctions for kill or resale purposes. This rescue then advertises the horses for the brokers....OK fine, whatever you want to do with your website is totally up to you. However the purchase price becomes “bail” and the mental picture of the KB trailer backing up to the gate to load up and haul these animals to slaughter is ever so subtly painted.
This program is advertised often on the Alex Brown Racing Message Forum. You know the place..... It’s where every member must be anti- slaughter and anti-auction and have no mind of their own to be able to be a member. Does it make sense at all for Alex or other members to allow this program that supports, financially, the auction houses and the kill buyers they claim to want to destroy?
OH but wait it gets better! Not only do they allow the advertising of a program that supports a portion of the horse industry they all claim to despise they will also purchase, oops I mean “bail out”, a horse for you. That's right, if you want a horse but do not wish to pay for it you can just contact someone on the ABR forum! Here is one of many examples of this practice -
This boy has an approved home/rescue that will take him if funds can be raised. We need $550 bail, $75 for Health Certificate, Coggins and transport to NH, Approximately $250 for shipping for a total of $875 plus paypal fees for a total of $901.25. We have pledges of $300 so need $601.25 more to save this boy!
All donations are tax deductible. Paypal to .....

Anyway the real reason I am writing this is because I want to ask the ABR forum folks if this “bail out” donation help is available for all broker owned horses that I wish to give a home to? I do so hope it is as I really need to save this poor horse and give him a wonderful home! You can see just by looking into his eyes he needs an angel like me. You can view him and his bail amount here - http://www.bestfithorsebrokers.com/Horses.html
His name is Rupert Dan, just scroll half way down the page and there he is just begging for me to save him! I think I would also need someone to donate the hauling or the hauling fees for this wonderful boy in need of ME.
So whata ya say FOB? Can ya bail out and ship Rupert Dan for me?


  1. I really think Rupert Dan should be rescued from those rodeo people. You know all they do is mistreat cattle and use up horses.

    It's only horsetrading if you are selling them to make money......If you are adopting them to forever homes it's okay.

    I would be curious to know which auction those pictures were taken in.

  2. I was curious about what auction it was too.
    I have already nick named my soon to be newly bailed out horse - Rupe lol. I just pray to Barbaro to send the FOB angels to help get him to me! It just breaks my heart to see him being so well trained and working a real job, OH the awfull rodeo people need to be stopped! LMAO

  3. Wow, talk about great minds thinking alike! I had just written a piece and sent it to you about this very same subject! It amazes me at how the anti side complains about the Kill Buyers, but then turns around and does business with them, and the very sale barns they tell others not to frequent. Why, one would wonder? It would seem so that THEY can make a bit of a profit along the way. And have you noticed the trend of some of the other "Rescues" getting horses this way, too, and then re-selling them? Who knew there was a way to get horses with little or no out of pocket expense? Perhaps someone should aleret President Obama to this "Bail out" program. Don't have the money to pay yourself? Just pick out what you want, and have someone else pay for you! And have you noticed that there is NO follow up on these saves? Great job folks. But again, what we're seeing is that high that is needed from the dramatic save, and this sure supplies a ready stream of that. I hope your horse gets bailed, quarantined, fed, transported, and maybe if you play your cards right, you can get someone to pay for a groom, trainer, exercise rider (ooh, maybe it could even be ALEX himself) and stall hand. That could be the next new thing! I know, it sounds ridiculous, but isn't this?

  4. OH shoot rh2 I need to check my "spam mail" I didn't get the new post you sent me in my email so it must have went there..... My email has been trying my patience lately!
    no no I am the only one who could possibly help Rupey. All I need is the money....Send me money.... I have $10.00 I think I only need $19,490.00....I'll check and get back to you with an itemized fianacial list, then we can really get this fundraising ball a rollin...

  5. Well, then, I'll have to put a match game on the table for you. I'm willing to match that $10.00. Or at least bump your post! I do hope Rupey ends up with you, but in all honesty, we know he won't. He lacks the drama, the time frame, and the need for a quick save.