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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Canadian Food Inspection Agency - CFIA - horse meat.

While the CFIA does already have a list of banned Veterinary drugs in equine intended for human consumption, as I was informed in comments on anothe blog piece. They also have a list of approved Veterinary drugs and, coming soon, a list of Veterinary drugs for which withdrawal period will be required.
You need to understand that horses do not NEED any of the drugs that are on the "banned list". There are safe alternatives to those drugs and yes we could always go back to the days of good 'ol soap and water and bacon grease lol.
Some will have you believe that the list of banned drugs will be the end of horse slaughter or horse meat eating all over the world. This is just not true. People of other Countries eat horse meat without the attached guilt that anti slaughter people feel they should have, they want to eat horse meat and their governing body is not going to tell them they can't. They are trying to make it safer while still giving people the choice of sending their horse to slaughter. I think the anti-slaughter side sometimes gets food safety and inspection mixed up with anti horse slaughter antics. The EU drug regulations have nothing, what so ever, to do with animal rights or equine welfare and everything to do with human rights and welfare.


E.4 List of Veterinary Drugs Not Permitted For Use in Equine Slaughtered for Food with Canadian Brand Name Examples (January 18, 2010)
See full lists here -

E.5 List of "Essential" Veterinary Drugs Permitted in Equine With a 6 Month Withdrawal Period With Canadian Brand Name Examples
See full lists here -

E.6 List of Veterinary Drugs Safe For Use in Equine Intended For Food Production For Which Withdrawal Periods Have Been Determined With Canadian Brand Name Examples (Under development)

See full lists here -
E.7 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1 Why should I fill out an EID?
A1 All equines which may be used for food must be presented with a completed and acceptable Equine Information Document (EID) at the time of slaughter starting July 31, 2010. In the event that the animal becomes unwanted, if the owner wants to keep the salvage value and salvage options with respect to human consumption of their animal as high as possible, they will need to accurately fill out an EID for animals they wish to sell.
Q2 Will all equine owners need to fill out an EID?
A2 It is not mandatory that all equine owners fill out Equine Information Documents for equines they own. The requirement applies to equines which may be used for food.
Q3 Why do we have to keep track of medication used starting January 31, 2010?
A3 Slaughter facilities handling equines in Canada will need at least a six month history of medication use for equine brought to the facility starting July 31, 2010.
Q4 When do I need to fill out the EID?
A4 The EID can be filled out any time before the sale of your equine, but it is important to keep track of medications used and illness occurrence during the time you own the animal, either on the EID itself or another record used to fill out the EID before you sell your animal.
Q5 How do I include pictures of my horse in the document?
A5 A digital camera is very useful for taking the required pictures. A little computer work can lead to a page containing the required pictures. This page can be printed with a colour printer. Alternatively, the colour pictures can be formatted or printed by many retail outlets which currently offer this service.
Q6 What are non permitted drugs?
A6 Non permitted drugs are drugs that have been determined should not be given or fed to equines which may be used for food. The list of non permitted drugs is available in section \l "e4" of this annex.
Q7 Is Phenylbutazone is banned?
A7 The use of Phenylbutazone in equines for medical reasons is not currently banned in Canada. However; Phenylbutazone is not permitted to be used in any animals that may be used for food including equine. (See Question and Answer 6.)
Q8 Do we have to keep a record of feed supplements or nutraceuticals?
A8 It would depend on the ingredients contained in the feed supplement or nutraceutical. Most feed supplements contain in addition to feed ingredients, vitamins and minerals which do not have withdrawal periods, so they would not need to be declared on the EID. Similarly, nutraceutical formulations of substances that naturally occur in the body do not have withdrawal periods. If, however, the supplement or nutraceutical did contain a drug ingredient, the supplement/nutraceutical would need to be declared on the EID. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian.
Q9 What is a withdrawal period?
A9 A withdrawal period is the minimum number of days or hours that must expire since the last treatment of a specified medication or vaccine (used as per label directions) before the animal may be slaughtered for food.
Q10 Where do I get the information for drug withdrawal periods?
A10 Section \l "e5" of this annex contains a list of drugs for which a 6 month withdrawal period is required. Section \l "e6" of this annex is to be available in April 2010, and will contain a list of drugs that are safe to be given or fed to equines which may be used for food. Withdrawal periods for these named drugs will be included with this list. With respect to drugs that can be safely given or fed to equines which may be used for food that may not appear on the list, consult your veterinarian for information regarding withdrawal periods.
Q11 What do I do about recording withdrawal periods for drugs my veterinarian tells me are safe for use in other food producing animals, but have no label instructions regarding the use in equines destined for food, or have a label statement that says not for use in equines intended to be slaughtered for food?
A11 For now, record the information required by the EID with respect to drug identification and use. Then contact your veterinarian and record withdrawal period information as provided by your veterinarian including the authority consulted by your veterinarian for establishing these withdrawal periods (e.g. gFARAD, veterinary college specialist etc.).
Q12 Are these new rules expected to change?
A12 Yes, these new requirements are only the first step towards strengthening Canada's food safety and traceability system for equines.
Q13 Will imported horses be subject to the same requirements?
A13 Yes, imported horses when presented for slaughter at Canadian slaughter establishments will be required to meet this new Canadian standard for equine meat production in Canada.
Q14 Will these requirements only apply to meat products exported to the European Union?
A14 No, these requirements will apply to all equines presented for slaughter in Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspected facilities.
Q15 Who will be responsible for checking the EIDs before slaughter?
A15 The primary responsibility for compliance to requirements in slaughter facilities inspected by the CFIA remains with the operator of the establishment. The establishment operator will be required to ensure each equine presented for slaughter has a complete and acceptable EID covering at least a six month consecutive time period before slaughter. The CFIA will oversee the effectiveness of the operator's ante mortem review procedures with respect to the EID.
Q16 Is it possible to include more than one horse on an EID?
A16 The EID represents the minimum information required prior to slaughter in an acceptable format. However, certain conditions may exist that would allow for multiple equine animals to be included on one EID type document such as holding a group of equines for a six month period with a recorded inventory control system. If common medical history, medication history and owner declaration can be made and recorded in an acceptable record format deemed satisfactory to the CFIA, a common EID may be acceptable. The CFIA must give prior approval to this record format and system prior to use. Contact the CFIA inspection services at the relevant CFIA inspected slaughter establishment for more details.
Q17 Are non permitted drugs not to be used in an equine presented for slaughter for the life of the animal or just for 6 months?
A17 The non permitted drugs are listed under Section E.4of this annex. Non permitted drugs are not to be used in equines intended for food production. During a transition period, the EID will be reviewed to determine if equines have or have not been treated with non permitted drugs during the 6 months prior to their slaughter. A longer "certification period" will eventually be requested.
Q18 If I sell my equine at an auction, does the auction become the owner, that is have care and control of my equine, for a period of time and need to fill out an EID?
A18 No, the buyer of the animal assumes the care and control of the equine after the last date of care or control indicated by the previous owner's EID. The final date on the EID filled out by the previous owner will be the date the animal was delivered to the auction premise in this case. Any medication use on the auction premise is to be declared to the buyer by auction management. Generally this information is given to potential buyers from the auctioneer as the animal is sold.
Q19 I am forwarding a previous EID completed by a former owner to the buyer of my equine; am I responsible for the information on that previous EID?
A19 No. Each owner signs for the dates of care or control indicated on their own EID.

I am still looking into any updates and specifics on the EU ruling about equine for human consumption and Veterinary Drug use. I was told that they would also have a list of banned substances, safe substances and substances that have a withdrawal period. I have not yet pursued this to find if any udated information or specific instruction has been released. So, while Vicki and the rest of the anti knowledge group would have you believe that the CFIA and the EU is on their side and anti slaughter she left out all the helpful information that they provided to the person who chooses to send their equine to slaughter.


  1. Good information. I was reading up on it as well. There's been some discussion as we had talked about previously about a new market opening up for the singular purpose of producing clean horses to meet these regulations. We had discussed a few months ago, I believe, that some were already pulling horses and beginning the process. I'm afraid this will be another one that comes back to haunt the Anti side. I'm afraid there will just be another market opening up, and this one will be directly intent on horses for Slaughter. Some have even talked about some of the PMU frams opening back up for this purose. I guess we'll have to see how this plays out. Final thought. Is it just a coincidence that the new regulations don't go into effect for six months?

  2. I believe the demand side of the equation will take over. Many of drugs have not been approved for use in horses simply because there has been no financial incentive for the companies producing them to do so. I think there will be a future scramble to do this in the 6 month transitional period the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is writing about. There is no mention of how this will be handled after that.

    Looks like good work on the part of the anti-slaughter promotions. We will raise horses for slaughter and still have to figure out what to do with the dinks. That will allow all the rescues to stay in business though so I guess it's all good.
    I have been pulling some articles written by the Canadian Horse Welfare groups. They are extremely worried about the same thing happening there as here. The U.S. is being held up as an example of how not handle your horse industry.

  3. Well I am not seeing this as a real bad thing right now.. the demand for horse meat is still there.. for the people that can prove no med's in there horses would mean a good price for them. So people are going to do it. As for the Dinks..lol well them people are the ones that will suffer.. I have 28 head of horses here.. all have Med records going back at least two years. some even longer. only two have ever been given bute (they will never be for sale). All of my horses (but for the two) could be sold at any time for slaughter. Now I hope that they will not have to be sold for that but well in today's world you just never know, so will do what has to be done just in case. So now there will be horses going to feedlots.. no med's... even lower prices for feedlot horses.. but higher prices for horses will Med. reports on them.
    The demand for horse meat will not go down to the point where no one wants them...It is good to know that there is a use for the unwanted horse. Now there will be a bigger demand for the unwanted horse that is drug free. bigger demand means bigger pay.

    Jane Doe

  4. That's the point we have discussed in the past. And with the economy being what it has been, many people have not wormed nor have they vaccinated anyhow, so many of the horses going through the sales were already clean. We had heard that some of the Auction house owners had already been pulling these horses for months now in preparation for the market. Doesn't bode well for the horses, but the Anti side didn't think this through all the way. I agree, M. Thompson-the dinks, as you call them, will be even more displaced than ever. But the Slaughter market will go on. What's to be gained here? More horses will go to Slaughter, just a new market.

  5. You guys are right on all counts IMO. I also see a better way to test horses set up before this goes into affect. The anti slaughter side seems to be under the impression that this will add enough costs to make it cost prohibitive to provide safe horse meat. I think it is going to take some adjustment but it isn't going to stop the slaughter of horses. Conveniently it is not in affect for 6 months... that should tell them something right there. I could easily keep a non performance horse fat and healthy (even fatten up a skinny one) without using any of the banned or withdrawal time substances for 6 months and do so fairly cheap. I don't buy or sell horses for slaughter but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to feed and care for one at a minimal cost. and the horse would be happy and healthy with food in front of him and thats all they care about really....

  6. what prevents a "not so honest" horse buyer/seller from 'falsifying' the documents relating to a horse being delivered to regulated Canadian slaughter facility? It requires the owner's signature - not a vet with proof of testing...another gimmick i say.

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