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without knowledge or understanding.”
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slaughter and the Brainwashing Methods of the Pro Horse Side

http://forums.prospero.com/alexbrown/messages?msg=44690.1 The January thaw is almost over, and we're sure to get another big storm or two that will keep us indoors with nothing to do. When those few days arrive, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, and read this one. I was entertained to say the least to hear how we on the Pro horse side are busy brainwashing people, and sending our armies out to gather recruits. But, in truth, we couldn't get 'em if those wonderful, kind hearted people on ABR didn't send them running for the hills. State an opinion on Slaughter that differs from theirs, and the attack begins. I won't give up all of the highlights, but I will tell you that one of my all time favorite ABR members really outdoes herself on this thread! It's also been determined that we Pro Horse people should not be allowed to adopt horses or operate Rescues. Do you think we'll have ANY rights left when this is all over with? There are the small range of opinions we've come to expect on ABR, some posts I couldn't understand, and the usual drama, but, if you're snowed in, and there's nothing on the telly, I think you'll enjoy this one. The insight on the Pro Horse side alone is worth the read.
By: Ranch Hand 2


  1. As usual there are now a lot of deleted posts and the thread is closed for posting. For all I know the entire thread has now been deleted....
    The forum nazi's um I mean moderators had fun with this one!

  2. Well, that works nicely then since I have no interest in their horses or becoming one of them.

  3. The censorship on there is getting ridiculous, Ranch Manager. Alex now censors as he "sees fit", which means anything he doesn't like. Rh1, it's not just their horses, it's any horse. The Anti side believes that a Pro horse person is unable to operate a Rescue, or rescue a horse, given their views on the Slaughter issue. I find that mindset to be ignorant. One of the posters pointed out that there is a successful rescue that is indeed comprised of people who are Anti Slaughter, Pro horse, and undecided (if I read right, the undecided should not be Rescuing or operating Rescues either, according to the "educated"). These people cannot grasp that this is one issue. It does not make one a good owner, rescuer, or horseperson simply because they are Anti Slaughter. If that were true, then we wouldn't be dealing with so many abuse and neglect cases right now by those who ARE Anti Slaughter. If only some of these people could just think things through a bit. They talk a lot about education, but don't seem all that interested in getting one. And of course, they have Alex there to make sure that there is little knowledge to be spread around.

  4. I was joking but you were right the first time. These fanatics are the best asset serious pro-slaughter organizations can have.

    And the insight they "offer" is exactly the same crap that's made me angry from the get go. I believe that would have about 5 years ago now.

    I fully resent being prejudged on any aspect of my life. If you know me well, fine, then you can offer up advice, comment, or tell me what I do and don't care about. The same is true of the people I do business with and call my friends.

    I have no one donating to my cause and those good horses in the previous blog. I have worked hard and sacrificed much in order to have them. Once was a time when they fed me, now it's mostly the other way around. And in my humble opinion part of the problem is the need to save every woe begone wretch of a horse who will never have an once of talent or purpose other the than lawnmower and panhandling pawn.

    I, and a lot of Pro-slaughter kill 'em all people, I know are feeding horses they know will not return the investment. Repurchasing horses they have sold when things hit the skids for the present owners. Leasing ones we would have sold in better times. I am selling my saddle horses this year with a firt right of refusal to give the 'until this gets harder than I thought, can't think past first month horse bunch' a way out before they get in.

    I know some of those 'keep pumping them out then when they quit making money for the greedy assholes' breeders who are still running mares that haven't 10 years and haven't produced a foal in the the last 3 or 4. Two of these would be the producers of two of those good mares in the previous blog.

    One of the mares in the previous blog was pulled out of the broodmare band and started as a 7 year old. Her BYB has been through in this mare's lifetime a bankrupcty, foreclosure, and divorce. I don't see anyone sending her (the owner) donations or lighting candles for her.

    I am most disgusted by the lowering to pet shelter, hoarder, crazy cat lady, standards an industry where the investments of time, skill, money, perseverance, and talent were rewarded both financailly and personally.

  5. who are still running mares that haven't 10 years and haven't produced a foal in the the last 3 or 4.

    edit that to say 'haven't turned a profit in 10 years' and put me in the illiterate byb catagory.

  6. http://www.horsewelfare.ca/component/content/article/41-resources/114-ethical-considerations-around-horses-domestic-a-feral-a-the-morality-of-horse-meat
    very well said.. PLEASE READ!!!

    J. Doe Montana

  7. crazy cat lady, ....
    Hey I resemble that remark! HAHA :)
    OK not really by choice but still....

    Sometimes I'm not sure what bothers me the most. The NAHSC or the Gov. who listens to them, who allows them tax breaks, who practically encourages hoarding. The good people who have lost so much due to this bleeding heart, lack of brains movement have my sympathies and respect. We will not sit passively by licking our wounds and wailing oh whoa is me. We will continue, in true American fashion, to fight for our rights and the welfare of horses for as long as it takes.