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Monday, February 22, 2010

33 Questions......

Boy, I've just got to be quicker! I was going to do a piece on this a few days ago, and now, it is closed to posting with deletions-of course. But the first two posts are deleted, and they were the most important ones. I'll have to give you the recap. After many months of talk on ABR about the Rescues, and Scammers, and Hoarders as Rescues, a group got together, and under the mistaken impression that they were working under the blessing of the Might Alex brown, compiled a list of 33 questions. These were to be posted on the WIKI of each Rescue and answered, so that anyone wishing to donate would be able to gain a clearer idea of the Rescue. Some of the questions had to do with how the Rescues got their funds, volunteer base, and who provided their Vet, and Farrier care. Their stand on Slaughter was also addressed. The questionnaire was pretty detailed, but didn't cover anything one wouldn't ask when checking out a Rescue. Pretty clear cut, right? So, post number 1 tells the Rescues on ABR that they are now required to add the questions to their WIKIs, which by the way, are required if you are fundraising on ABR. Post number 2 contained the questions. Post number 3 was from Alex's number 1 mouthpiece, Mary L, and that's where the problems begin. It was made clear that the questionnaire was not to be mandatory, and hinted that Alex was not completely on board. Alex posted later on to let everyone know he was less than pleased. Why? I'm not really sure. And, honorable mention has to go to one of my personal favorites, Jim Gath, or Tierra Madre, who really didn't want that set of questions on his WIKI. Of course he did the Jim thing, made a few jokes, pulled out the "I'm just a good ol' boy who can't figure out how to do this" card, and said he's just too busy to answer. And he really doesn't want you calling his vet, farrier, or feed store (the questionnaire asked if you had them, did not require the posting of contact information). The usual ABR battle ensued, and my guess would be that you won't see those questions answered by very many Rescues. Was it a perfect solution? No. Was it a step in the right direction? I think so. Could Alex Brown have facilitated something positive by supporting it rather than making it known he was not happy about it? You betcha! Again, I have to question why Mr. Brown is so comfortable with the status quo on ABR. He requires the WIKI, he could have required the questionnaire. If he thought it was too long, too whatever, he could have worked with the group to modify it instead of killing it. Wonder why he chose the latter? Once again, kudos to Alex and Mary L. ABR fails to do what could have been the right thing.

http://forums.prospero.com/alexbrown/messages?msg=44940.1 for "objections" that were raised.
By RH2

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