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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rescue Requirements for FOB?

What criteria do FOB's have for rescues?
It's the new Year on ABR, and some of the members are ready for some changes. Alex and his merry band of Moderators? Not so much. I read the discussion about Requirements for Rescues, and honestly, there are some really good ideas. Ideas that would offer accountability. One of the posters made an excellent suggestion. Why not create a folder for Rescue reviews? Mary L, one of our favorite moderators, was quick to answer that the allotted amount of folders are already in use on ABR. A suggestion was made to combine the "Slaughter Issues" folders-they have two. Anyone want to guess how that went over? Alex, in his ever infinite wisdom, supported by his Moderators, feel that the WIKIs, created, and updated by the Rescues themselves are a wonderful way for those wondering about how legitimate a Rescue may be to find out for themselves. Have a separate folder where individuals can express their opinions? ON ABR? WHO CHANGED THE KOOL AID!!!????? There was a fair amount of deleting of posts on the thread. Who knows what comments Alex and the Mods felt were not "keeping to the subject". One thing remains clear, though. Alex Brown is in no way interested in promoting good, well run Rescues over the bad ones. He simply doesn't care. And any attempt made to differentiate between the two, even by those frequenting his discussion board will be stopped dead in it's tracks. One has to wonder just what Alex has to gain by encouraging the poorly run Rescues, and the Hoarders as Rescues to remain on his board digging for donations. And one can only hope that more of his followers will begin to see that his lack of caring is indeed hurting the horses. I have to believe that his policy of "deleting as he sees fit" is beginning to get on more than a few people's nerves. Ahhh Alex, be careful. You haven't sold those 5,000 copies of that book about the "Goodness and Greatness" of Barbaro yet. You may want to at least pretend to have some concern over how your faithful feel for just a bit longer. Cheers!
By RH2

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