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Thursday, March 18, 2010

July 31st....

Just want to keep everyone up to date with the EU regulations. This article concerns Canada, the feasibility of enforcing these regulations, and what may conceivably happen come July 31st. Nothing we haven't talked about, but good information for those who are wondering. The idea of horses bred and raised for Slaughter is touched on, as well as the subject of how these regulations will affect the general well being of horses, which we've also discussed. Horses possibly going to Slaughter cannot be given many drugs. This will bring up many issues. Strangles is touched upon, and it is just one example of what we will be dealing with in the fight to end Slaughter once and for all. How many horses will now struggle with pain and disease? Time will tell, as it has in the past how we will deal with this issue. Interesting reading.

By RH2


  1. Right now you only have to go back "6 months"... so right now it will not be such a big thing.. and before it does become a big deal.. that will be more studies on med's and slaughter.. and people will find different ways to doctor a horse.. as i have... or will go back to the old ways.. like.. sugar in a eye that is cloudy will clear it up...
    The horse that is "clean" will sale for much more and the horses that have been given something that can not go to slaughter I am sure will just be shot and taken to the dump... people will not feed a horse that is worthless..
    I worm my horses with cattle wormer and it seems to work well.. twice a year... I do not see this as helping the horse... more horses will be starved.. more will be turned loose.. more will be shot and dumped... people will still eat horse meat... you can not get better red meat then horse.. and it is good for you.. i know many people that eat only horse because of that.

  2. Your right RH2 this was an interesting read. I did find some inaccuracies and miss leading statements. I'll be doing a new post about them soon. It requires some research, apparently these folks didn't read their research that they linked to. I had read it months ago and in fact we have a blog piece on it. What can we expect, they do have people like John Holland writing for them and we all know how he loves to spew less than accurate information.

  3. Anonymous-you hit the nail right on the head. People who choose to will not stop eating horse meat, and those who want to supply it will find a way. Since these regulations will create a new market with a possibility for a better profit in this failing industry, you can bet we'll see horses raised strictly for Slaughter right here in the U.S.A. Meanwhile, what to do with the ones that don't meet the requirements? Possibily the feedlot to "Rescue" market can take care of them. Mark 'em up, sell 'em, and forget about 'em. There's a fresh crop of drama every week. Every one feels good about the high they get from the save, and the horses.....well, they still lose, but few really seem to concern themselves with that anyhow, as long as the "S" word can be removed from the equation. Ranch Manager, not everyone is really concerned with facts. That's how we got into this huge mess. There were those who felt that as long as the plants in America closed, all would be well in the Eqione Industry.

  4. <>
    That is so true and so sad! But we will continue to supply food for thaught and as many facts as we can for those who do want to know and for those who may wake up and want the truth :)

  5. well for now a horse has only to be held for 6 months... then off to slaughter it will go .. dont care what you give it... and by the time it gets beyond that.. i am sure things will change as to how people doctor a horse... more horses will be shot and dumped at the dump i am sure..
    but in the end.. there will be a end.. and Slaughter will be something that will never go away.

  6. Many drugs used in horses are used to treat food animals also. The research on withdrawl periods to approve these medications for slaughter horses was not issue enough to warrant the cost before. Now it may be. Another option not touched on much by either side.

  7. Oh I am very sure that the research will start on drugs and withdrawl periods now.. you can bet on that... Slaughter of horses will never stop.. Horses are livestock.. they are not PETS... I dont care what some ding dong sitting at their computer in a high rise apt in NY might say.
    for now I will do my part in making sure that none of my horses are given anything that would make them have to sit for 6 months before being sold for slaughter..
    oh yes.. and the unwanted horse thing that is starting .. you know the one.. where they say no horse is unwanted.. BULL SHIT... when the owner of the horse does not want that horse anymore.. he is "UNWANTED" by his owner... now once that horse is bought he is no longer unwanted.... until that owner does not want him any more.. when a horse goes to slaughter he is going there because the owner of that horse.. i do not care who it is.. KB.. Fat Lady.. whoever... DOES NOT WANT HIM ANY LONGER..."UNWANTED"...so you see.. there is many unwanted horses out there.. every horse that is sold is unwanted until that horse is paid for and goes to his new owner.
    ABR's.... you need to get your facts right.