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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Humane Society of the United States, the biggest scam artists in the Country

The HSUS is a fraudulent organization only after your money. I don't know how many times and ways we can say this. Please people do not support this fraudulent, unconstitutional, animal abusing organization.
Here is yet another article of just how horrendous they are as well as how ignorant some law enforcement agencies are and just how scary it is that Judges are allowing such behaviour.


"Lies, damn lies and no feed:
The seized horses were supposed to be placed under expert care with regular access to clean water and a sufficient supply of food. It was an implied promise that didn’t seem to be kept. Malott and Smith spoke with Jerry Linville who had rented the pasture for the Rescue Wranglers. He said Chapman told him the horses were coming in from Missouri. It was only after the seizure that he knew they were Malott’s. When he realized no one had been feeding the horses, he brought over six square bales of hay and called Jim Brunson of Rescue Wranglers. The horses, forced to scrounge for what little forage remained in an overgrazed pasture, were nearing starvation. Brunson brought in 8-10 round bales of hay while a concerned Malott was at the Highway 87 location. The Wranglers still showed some concern but HSUS seemed to have left a lot of the care and feeding of the animals to others. "

"Back room maneuvering?
Before the hearing started, the judge and both attorneys went into a back room and evidently discussed how the hearing should go. The judge had already made the statement that he wasn’t familiar with the law. Witnesses said Desiree Bender of the Arkansas HSUS went into the room followed later by Betty Jones of the Arkansas Horse Council. Further tilting the legal table, none of Malott’s witnesses were called during the hearing. The prosecuting attorney’s witnesses were summoned and Carmen Skelly, an HSUS investigator from Missouri. She testified that on Nov. 12 her agency was ‘dispatched’ to assist the sheriff’s office and the HSUS with Desiree Bender as the primary contact for HSUS.The only question that Malott's lawyer asked Mr. Snodgrass was, "What's your assessment of this photo of horses?" The photo was of some of her horses, where they had been pastured after the raid, drinking out of a muddy pond. His comment was, “These are some good looking horses drinking out of a pond”. Malott's lawyer said, “No further questions.”
Read the whole story here -
Jolley: They Shoot Horse (Owners), Don’t They?
Chuck Jolley is a free lance writer, based in Kansas City, who covers a wide range of ag industry topics for Cattlenetwork.com and Agnetwork.com.

You folks in Arkansas aught to be passing the hat to help Ms. Marlott and damn sure aught to be demanding better law enforcement officials who know the Laws and who know that HSUS is a private organization. Making "donations" to political groups certainly does not make them a Government agency even though they often lead people to believe they are.


  1. This is the nightmare that makes those of us who own horses think twice about it. Where are our rights? Who cares about the truth? And once the drama is over with, who is really concerned about the horses? Not the HSUS, that's for sure. I feel for the poor owner who had to stand by and watch her horses starve while getting that wonderful care from the HSUS and the Rescue Wranglers. Legalized horse theft is still theft. And the horses still pay the price for ignorance. If we do nothing else with this blog other than alert people to the fact that the HSUS is worthless, we've accomplished a huge goal. Our buddy Wayne may think he's an entity onto himself, but it's just not true. I hope that there's some way to file suit against each person involved in this mess. Shame on all of them!

  2. HSUS where are they when a rescue has horses starving? I could have sworn they and Habitat for Horses declined to get involved in the Phoenix rising scandal several months ago.

  3. You know, I wasn't going to mention that, but you're absolutely correct. Both were contacted, HSUS never replied, and HFH refused to help. I guess if you're on the Anti side and killing horses, it's okay-after all, they're not on the death truck. I got a real education during the Phoenix Rising Incident. I learned how many people just flat don't give a flying shit when it really counts. I still wonder how many more of those horses have died. Of course, we'll never know, thanks to all of the help PR got so the horses could be kept there.

  4. Don't how the Phoenix Rising deal turned out. They are not all that far from me and I know how hard the winter was on my stock. I am afraid it was an even tougher go for them.
    I have to say after doing the research for my Winter Science Experiment blog I can't say there is one rescue proprieter I would consider a hand of any sort.
    I am not saying they don't truly mean well. But sometimes good intentions don't spread worth a crap on toast if you know what I mean.

  5. Just a thought- so few comments on this. And such powerful information.