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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fiction Brings A Better Profit Than Truth

VERY interesting thread here. It seems an author had an image of a horse in her head. She wanted to write a book about a horse saved from Slaughter that looked like the horse in her head (NO, I do not make this stuff up). A horse was found at an Auction horse that looked like the horse in her head, so a "Rescue" began fund raising efforts to purchase this horse. Here's the problem-or problems, actually. #1- The horse in question had a price tag of $900 on him. #2- The "Rescue" LIED during the fund raising process-the horse was not a horse in danger of going to Slaughter. #3 The funds raised were done so in order to purchase the horse because the author of the book claimed that while she had the money for the horse, she was not in possession of a debit or credit card to pay for him (huh?). #4 The purchase of this horse was in direct violation of the mission statement of this "rescue". There is now concern that horses who WERE in danger of going to Slaughter were passed by so this horse could be purchased for this author. The Anti people are more amazing every day, aren't they? There are lots of other interesting points brought up in the thread. A few highlights- Post #62-one of my all time faves on ABR states that one of her 6 "Rescue" horses is in training-this one just happens to be a 3 year old STB she feels is gonna make her some money. She has convinced herself her motives are pure though. She has stated in past posts she "owes" it to this horse to put her back in training because her sire is a money earner, and she was never given a chance because she was put into training too young, and other excuses. Greed is a word that pops into my head, but of course, our Kathy would NEVER stoop to making money off of a beloved horse- That is after all, what the nasty PRO HORSE people do. She goes on to tell us she has two other STB's she's "just never bothered" to train, or put in training. (They must not have any money making potential-ooops, I mean, she mustn't "owe" them anything:)
Post #73 states that the Auction House should offer a Euthanasia service for a fee. I suppose the fact that people are trying to sell their horses is lost here. I like post #92. It states that with the going rate of prices for Slaughter bound horses, the $900 for the Author's horse could have saved 9 that were really in need. Good call poster #92! Post #111 discusses the EU records, and the wording concerning the records. It seems that there is something in there stating something about records "as can best be determined" The poster is concerned that in some cases, NO records will be required. Gee, ya think????? Another good post-no surprise to us, but perhaps a newsflash to the ABR's- #114 lets them know that not all horses that go to loose pens end up at the Slaughter Plant. This is always news, it seems. Post #158 is good, a description of how business is run at the Auction House in question. Big surprise. The guy seems pretty decent, and is trying to get horses homed, while making a profit. Welcome to the world of business, folks. There's lots of other good stuff to read. The fact that a "Rescue" would purchase a horse so an author can write a book that is basically a lie is worth the read alone. There's bound to be a rainy day soon-this is definitely one to save for that!

#27 - Appy gelding, 3 yrs old, registered, walk/trot thru ring, flashy, sweet in stall $900
The "lady from Ohio" (**********) said she'd take him, but not paid for yet. So, if anyone wants him, Call. If he's purchased by a private party, it will save room for D**** M/Voice For Horses to pull another next week or from the PA broker lot.
Hi 63Magnum,This Appy at Camelot is the spitting image of Hayseed with the zig-zag blaze and colorful spotted blanket! I have been drawing Hayseed for nearly thirty years now, since 1981. My publisher 'discovered' him in a blog I had up about him last September, and the rest is history with him as the star of my very first-ever children's book, "Hayseed's First Race"! S***** S****** of The Second Race horse rescue and I have been keeping our eyes peeled for that real-life Hayseed to promote my book, .......



  1. If I could stack horse shit that well I wouldn't have to make nearly as many trips with the wheelbarrow.
    Seriously, I know people with a boat load of "kllers" they'd like to get $900 for.
    Sounds to me like several of these people Jim Gath included have learned how fund their horse 'business' with o.p. money while remaining tax exempt in the process. Have I mentioned recently how angry this b.s. scam makes me? N
    Not to mention if I hear one more horse described as sweet I will lose my stomach.
    "walk/trot thru ring, flashy,"
    We who sell horses have a phrase to describe selling or passing on a horse just as he came to you without making any effort to improve him or know him enough represent how he rides. We refer to it as "buy him and like him".

  2. Good points. I think this "Rescue" and this "Author" have Jim beat. To lie and say a horse is Slaughter bound, and to intend to write a book perpetuating that lie is something even Jim hasn't stoped to....yet.