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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yet another apology...

I have to tell all 3 of my loyal readers that I am truly sorry for my slacking. lol

Aside from the usual, summer is always busier than winter, dilemma for all us horse/Ag folks I have had other issues. There have been two deaths in the family. One my cousin ( only 50 yrs old) will be missed greatly and the other my computer. Hopefully I will get back on track now that the computer has been restored and resurrected. I posted two today by RH2 that are a little old but still read worthy. I know the ranch hands here have been extra busy this summer as well, maybe the heat and humidity will drive them inside to their key boards to entertain and educate the rest of us. I know they've been missed.

I hope everyone if fairing well and the weather is treating you fairly.



  1. Welcome back! My condolences on the loss of your cousin. 50 is indeed young. It's hot here, and there's lots to do, but I'll do my best to check in. My very most favorite "Rescue" EPONA is back in action again, begging for cash, and taking in horses, so I will have to at least do a piece on her, and those who enable what she does to the horses in her "care". Jim Gath continues to be, well, Jim Gath, and there is never enough time to cover all of his shenanigans. But the thong club loves him, so the horses in HIS "care" will also continue to suffer. Boy-life for horses in the hands of these "horse lovers" sure is tough! Glad you're back, my friend:)

  2. I too am happy to see you back, and very sorry for your loss.. I too have lost two very close friends in the last month.. one just 55 years old the other 51.. it has been a sad month for sure.
    Had a very nice yearling filly stabb herself in the chest with a pole or post.. took out half her chest.. Was going to just shoot her but took her to the barn.. cut the chest meat that was hanging out off.. and just started the doctoring once a day.. just some spray once a day and 5 days of sulffer.. it has now been 4 weeks and no one would ever have known that it was a bad as it was.
    Summer is slow getting here.. lots of rain and lots of grass.. horses and cattle are all looking very good.
    once again.. sure good to see your back...
    and as for Jim... RH2 could not have said it any better... jim will be Jim... not much more you can say about that...
    J Doe. Montana

  3. RH2 Thanks for the condolences. We are a close family and it was rough. He's in a better place now. OH yay Epona is back at it :( poor horses!
    J.Doe good to see you! and thank you for the condolences. We had a month of rain in June and now we are dry and wishing for rain. I'm glad to hear the filly is doing so well. I think it really helps when you have experience and a clue what your doing lol.

  4. Hey there. I missed reading blog updates.. Even though I don't post as often as the others, I hope you included me in your short list of regular readers.

    My deepest sympathies regarding the loss of a loved one.


    Just me.

  5. Hey welcome back missed reading your blogs and your oh how do you say it your straight to the point truth.

  6. I read too, I wondered where you were. I am sorry about your cousin