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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Day, Another "Rescue"

Eleven horses seized

I know a lot of people want to continue to work on ending Slaughter in America. But what do we do about this trend? Another "Rescue", more starving horses, and we haven't even gotten into Winter. What can we do to stop the hoarding and enabling? How can we educate those who continue to support these "Rescues" even after criminal charges are filed against them? How do we point out the "Rescues" headed down the same road when there are those who will support them no matter how many horses they take in, or how high their maintenance bills for those horses rise? How do we learn that saying "NO" is sometimes kinder than the "save"? Sorry, I'm just so tired of seeing walking skeletons-made with "love".
Owner of seized horses tells her side

Two arrested in case of alleged animal cruelty

From what I am reading in message forums there may well be much more to this.

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