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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Down The Road Again

My dad had a saying-"How many times do you need to get kicked in the ass before you know it hurts?" A little crude, but I think you get the message. And I wonder with some people, how many times they do need to have it happen. Take the latest EPONA drama. I know, will it ever end? The answer is no. I recently wrote a blog about a Rescue failing and the part enablers play in these things. You'd think people would at the very least think long and hard about who they are helping. Not so much, in some cases. here's the gist of this one- Lin of EPONA posted that she was notified of a large team of Belgian mares that bolt under harness. The bail for these horses is $1000. There are 7 days to save them, then off to the Kill Buyers they will go. No other options-Lin or the Kil Buyers (stop it, I know what you're thinking!) Now, since she works 50 hours a week, has just taken in 2 (10) horses, and has 2 new babies with more on the way, Lin herself does not have time to actually bring these drafts to EPONA. Lucky day for the drafts! BUT- with all she has to do, Lin has found a foster home for these mares, as well as a trainer! She never ceases to amaze me, our Lady of EPONA. And, on top of this, she's on her way to work at the fair for a few days. I think Lin has missed her calling. Instead of running a Rescue, she should be writing a book on successful multi-tasking. WHERE does the woman find the time to take on yet another fund raising task? Oh-sorry, I got ahead of myself here. Lin is going to need that full grand raised from the wonderful FOB's. The person with the mares isn't going to contribute, and the new home isn't either. The trainer isn't going to. But don't worry, we can count on Lin's spotless reputation as an incentive to send in that money. Apparently, we're going to need to count on that, since Lin does not have pictures of the team, or contact information for the seller, the new foster home, or the trainer. As with all things EPONA, we are expected to go on blind faith. And in truth, you'd have to be blind to continue to buy her bullshit. After all, when she "saved" those two mares recently, she DID neglect to mention the other 8 horses she purchased. But that's Lin-half truths, if you get the truth at all. I was feeling pretty proud of the folks over on ABR-the donations and "Bless you's" did not come flooding in. Of course, Lin wasn't real happy with this. In one of the most interesting posts I have ever read from her (#35) Lin herself states how she is being compared to the Rescue that failed and had charges filed against it. Of course, Lin feels she is nothing like a Rescue that takes in too many horses, fabricates stories, and continues to take in more horses despite the fact that they can't even pay for the care of the ones they have in house. And she goes further. She states that there will be blood on the hands of the "emailing hate mongers and liars on other forums" who apparently are now poisoning the EPONA money well. Needless to say, that does not go over well with everyone. In post #40, it is explained to Lin that in light of what has just happened with the other Rescue, ALL Rescues (yes, even you, Lin) need to be more accountable. It is further stated that people SHOULD question a request for donations to horses there are no pictures for going to a foster there is no information for, and that it is wrong for Lin to place the blame on those who donate because they are being a little more cautious. Lin is asked about her numbers-she has 48 now, but wants to get down to 30 by Winter. That must be the reason she recently purchased 10, some in foal. She was asked about her outstanding hay and vet bill, since she was asking for help in paying them. Lin replied she always carries a balance with her vet, and that the hay bill has been paid. In post #53, Lin is asked why the new Foster home can't contribute to the purchase price of the horses, and more importantly-how is the trainer going to get paid? It is also asked if Lin checked on the status of the Foster's health insurance, as large horses that bolt will definitely pose a safety risk. In post #59, there is a link to a Craigslist ad posted. Two well broke Belgian mares for sale for-you guessed it-$1000, and Lin is asked if these are the mares she is trying to get. Of course, right now, Lin is at the fair, so her enablers step in and help out by answering. In post #76, the Craigslist ad is brought up again. Lin does answer in post #87, stating "her" mares are in Nebraska. The owner of the mares on Craigslist posts to assure everyone that these are NOT the mares Lin is buying (sorry, folks, I'd still be calling the number in the ad). The enablers continue to push this along. I guess they haven't learned anything yet. I guess that despite what is right in front of them, they prefer the Fairy tale of EPONA to the reality. I think my favorite part of this whole thread is Lin's insistence that this person will work with no one else but her, because of her sterling reputation. As I have said before, if you do your homework, and read between the lines, the truth is always pretty easy to see. Lin states in post #1 she was notified of these horses-so she does not have any prior knowledge of the owner or the horses. Now, suddenly, Lin is the only person this person will sell to? I would not forge that kind of bond unless I have met that person. And then, I'd have to visit their facility. Otherwise, they're just a broker I'm working through. If Lin went to meet the owner, why didn't she take pictures of the horses? Lin further states that the Foster home and trainer do not want their names on a public forum. Why is that? They are obviously doing a wonderful thing here, taking in two very dangerous horses. IF I was going to donate, I would want to know how the training was going on these two very challenging mares, wouldn't you? And, given the Phoenix Rising situation, I'd sure as hell want to know exactly where they were actually going once paid for. Hey, EPONA fans, I've got some lovely beach front property for ya. I don't have any pictures, and there's no deed for the house, but trust me, it's there. I'll post my paypal addy so you can send me your cash......When will this ever end?
By RH2


  1. I thought they had that nasty slaughter risk all taken care of July 31st so what are they in danger of now? Tube of Bute is much cheaper that'll keep 'em safe from the big truck according to John and Vicki.

  2. Yeah, that was the word, but we all know not much will change. The only real change I've seen come about from all this is the number of "Rescues" helping the Auction houses continue to profit, and the horses that pay the price when they either end up in one of these places, or get "bailed" to a home unsuitable to equine ownership. But I keep hearing that even a crappy "Rescue" is better than Slaughter. Tell that to the slowly starving horses.

  3. Interesting aside- during EPONA's fundraising attempt on these horses, Lin apparently became upset that the money did not come rolling in as she thought it would. When proclaiming that the blood of these horses would be on the hands of others didn't increase donations, Lin finally showed her true colors. She told a fellow Equine owner that it was too bad the other person's horse had to be put down but "karma is a bitch". Wow, seriously, Lin? What a cold uncaring statement to make to someone who had to put their horse down. And all over money. And they say the Kill Buyers are greedy and cold hearted! She deleted the comment after being called on it by more than one person, but one of the posters saved it, and re-printed it. Lin, Lin, Lin, if only karma was more fair. You would not own another horse......