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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where's Steve and the Shark truck with all of this stuff going on?

Okay, we've had a run of these stories, and I'm pretty sure I can find more if I look. Where's the shark truck when we need it?

Dead, malnourished horses, dogs found in South Kitsap; woman arrested

What floors me about this one is that they let her out of jail to care for her mother. If I was mom, I'd be very nervous right about now.

By RH2


  1. '''She told deputies she had no money to care for the animals, but didn't want to give them up. For a year and a half she would feed the animals when she had money for food, according to the reports.''''

    So how much more of this is going to happen "IF" they get the laws passed to STOP ALL HORSES FROM GOING TO SLAUGHTER IN THE U.S.?

    I can see dead horses from starving all over.. everywhere you look..

    there is no room at the INN now for unwanted horses.. what will happen when there is 100,000 more horses a year looking for a place to be?..

    I think before the "ANTI'S" figure out what will happen to all the unwanted horses before they go and try to make the world.. or the U.S. anyway UNHORSE EATERS.

    It is not right for a non drinker to push it's lifestyle on everyone... or smokers to push theirs.. or nonsmokers to push theirs?...

    Horses have been a source of food for as long as people have known about them.. for EVER... like the OX.. who would pull the wagon.. the plow.. would then feed the family when it could not work no more. its called "LIFE".

    back in the old days.. when the horse could not work.. it was then ATE... then it was not a big deal to feed it right.. some horses went for days without feed.. the Indians did not take good care of the horse.. look at the pictures.. thin.. and i mean thin.. horses would be pictured being rode..

    so now we have some very dumb people trying to pass a law that will stop all horses from being sold if they "think" it might go to slaughter in another country... all horse meat will stop being sold for dinner table.. even if that meat comes from another country.. and NO ONE can take the horse in and get it slaughtered for their own use...
    So everyone needs to go take lessons on how to shoot a horse in the head the right way.. there is going to be so many starving horses just laying in the fields or in the back yard that someone will need to put down.. and not enough people that will know how to do it... and the gut trucks will be running 24/7 trying to keep up with picking up the rotting bodies. and everyone better have deep pockets because it will be very costly.. you will have to pay.. you will not have a choice... and they will set the scale on the price.. and it will be high.. you can bet on that... cant afford the feed?... hope you can afford the gut truck to haul the dead carcass off...

  2. You brought up a point we've discussed many times before. There has never been a time anyone was forced to send a horse to Slaughter. To prevent others from doing so is wrong. Any decisions concerning my horses should be made by me, and me alone. I will tell you this, though, I am more worried about a horse that goes through a sale falling into the hands of one of these crazy "Rescues", or getting "saved" by some of these wackos than them ending up in the plants. The fate of the horses seems to be far worse in the hands of these loving people.