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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Another One Bites The Dust...

53 Horses seized from Hidden Meadow Equine Rescue - story and video

One horse in perfect health just a few months ago now has a Body score of 1. Another case on Red Flags all over the place, enablers refusing to believe what was going on, and as always-the horses paying the ultimate price. Here's my idea-how about stopping these people from providing "loving, safe places for the poor unwanted horses that would otherwise end up on that "Ugly Truck"? It looks like they continue to get the losing end of the deal each and every time. I know, I know, there are those of you who hate the fact that I refuse to stop pointing out these "Rescues" that Abuse, Neglect, and sometimes kill the horses in their care. Tough. I won't stop until they stop. And I've still got my eyes on my favorites. It's just a matter of time until they end up in the news-and it won't be because of the stellar care they are providing. To those who enable these places-you are just as much to blame as the "Rescues" who commit these horrific acts. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it. If a "Rescue " is constantly begging for feed, supplies, trucks, trailers, funding to BUY HORSES (which is crazy, by the way), and needs money to pay vet bills, yet continues to take in horses with issues, or horses period. there's a problem. If you send them money, you are part of the problem. When horses start dying, save your tears and prayers-it's your fault, too for closing your eyes to what is going on right in front of you. When is this going to end?????????

By RH2


  1. I'm reading bits and pieces of this thread on Alex Brown and I keep seeing mention (and shocked disapproval) About 52 horses on 12 acres. Someone said they posted a warning a while ago that she had 33 horses on 12 acres. What comes to my mind is ... What the hell!? why am I not seeing anyone mention Jim Gath of Tierre Madre with over 30 horses on THREE acres?!
    PEOPLE, if you want to donate to rescues do so locally. If everyone would help in their own communities and spend less time wailing at the AB forum life for the horses and humans could be a lot better.

  2. Well, the old comment 'you legislate empathy and good animal husbandry' really is true.
    Just curious as to the rescue culture figured into Hollands theory on the rise in neglect and abuse.

  3. It's interesting to me that John and Vicki and followers have not said a single thing about these rescues. Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS is probably quite pleased with these places... "One generation and out". If you collect them and starve them it gets him closer to his goal of no domestic animals.

  4. Starvation is one way to prevent reproduction I suppose.


  5. I was thinking the same about Jim as the question of ratio of horse to land was brought up and discussed. Some people were shocked at the number of horses on such a small plot of land, yet here sits Tierra Madre. Jim's got to be squirming as talk about these types of "Rescues" continue. He keeps pretty quiet. Lin-not so much. She actually had the cajones to pledge a donation to some of the horses from one of the seizures. Does that make any kind of sense? You can't take care of what you've got, yet you'll pledge s ome of the money you don't have for other horses taken by OTHER irresponsible "Rescue" operators? Guilt, maybe? Lord help us! As for the Johns, Vickis, and Waynes of the world, I stopped really giving what they have to say any weight awhile ago. But it would be interesting to know what they think. I believe last time we visited this type of horror-Phoenix Rising-Vicki at least wanted to focus on the good Rescues. Yeah, that'll work for these horses, don't you think?

  6. And JIM at TM brings in another one .. even after he said...NO MORE... One more horse to die a slow painful death, because he can not move around. STOP KILLING THE HORSES JIM... someone needs to shut that nut case down... 35 horses on less then 3 arc... i would ask what that dumb ass is thinking but everyone can see .. HE AINT THINKING... but then HORDERS never think.

  7. I didn't know his numbers were up that high. So sad.....

  8. Lin from EPONA asked Hooves and Paws for potential help in placing, but has yet to say anything on ABR wonder why....

  9. She has "left" ABR because to two threads. One was pointing out red flags and specifically named EPONA. Another had a list of questions EPONA has never answered. A "Friend" of Lin's came on ABR to announce that thanks to all of the horrible people treating Lin so badly, she was closing the doors of EPONA. Fat chance of that happening. She'd have to give back the property, truck, trailer, etc. Anyone see THAT happening? She'll get rid of the ones she doesn't want any more and then fill up again.