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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Is Why Things Cannot Change

This post is a little old ( I misplaced it in my "posted" file) but it's still worth the read. The forum thread being referred to is closed for posting....I guess some people can't handle the truth on that forum. I'm actually surprised the whole thing wasn't just deleted.
Sorry, RH2, for the delays in postings.

I was all set to write an upbeat piece today, and came upon this. I think it bears reading, as it falls in line with the topics we've been posting the last few posts. There has been a pretty intense discussion going on over at ABR on how to help the horses that are being abused, neglected, starved, and sometimes killed at some of the "Rescues" housing them. Red Flags have been discussed, and there is growing concern over how to spot them. EPONA is one of those "Rescues" that seems to have rows of them waving on a daily basis. Questions are regularly asked of Lin, rarely answered truthfully, and at times, even fielded by her enablers. I won't even bother calling them supporters anymore. The mighty Alex Brown has even come to Lin's defense on quite a few occasions. The thread I have linked here is a thread dedicated to questions Lin has either neglected to answer, or has not answered truthfully. While her enablers field questions, and make excuses for her ignorance and avoidance, some startling facts are presented. Lin plans to euthanize 5 horses before Winter-on the advice of her Vet, of course! She has not given any details on the issues these horses present that require them to be put down, besides old age and physical condition. I suspect Lin may have aided them in getting to their physical condition, but that is just my humble opinion. A Rescue that actually worked with Lin trying to educate her and provide training and help to some of her horses weighs in on this thread, and yet, her enablers continue to blindly make excuses for her. Yet another of my favorites, Kathy Elm, also weighs in with her vast knowledge on horses. It appears that Lin is in possession of an elderly horse with an abscess that requires bandaging. Apparently, some feel that the bandage Lin has on the horse looks pretty worthless. Kathy weighs in to tell us how difficult it is to get a good bandage on a horse standing on 3 legs. For those of you who may need to do this on some future date-yes, it's not easy. I had a huge warmblood cross who required it. BUT, not only did I apply one successfully, I applied one by myself, and it held. I used a maxi pad, vet wrap, and duct tape. Of course, I also know a little bit about horses-that may have helped me out a bit. And for those who think an abscess breaks open immediately-we've had to soak in warm epsom salt water for a few days to get one to open up, and at times, have had to have the vet cut up into the hoof to drain it if it was deep. Again, it requires a bit of knowledge. But, back to Lin and her merry band of Ostriches. As long as you make excuses for every action she takes, and every half truth and outright lie she tells, she can continue on. She will at some future date, meet the same fate 3 Strikes, Winding Road, and HMER have. I don't imagine it will be a shock to see Tierra Madre in the same boat. Those of you who support her not only without question, but by aggressively advocating for her are just as guilty as she is. Lin is unique, I have said that before. She somehow has the ability to get more from people than others can. Lin has been given property, a truck, a trailer, gravel, and is constantly bringing in donations. Yet she does not seem able to successfully operate her "Rescue" She is unable to train her horses. She cannot answer simple questions. She does not update any information on the horses she "adopts" out. And she only seems to adopt out when the pressure is on. Then there are large numbers of horses placed. But no information on where they go. Phoenix Rising always comes to mind when I hear of Lin's "adoptions". Lin makes no effort to gain any basic Equine knowledge. If drama was the only requirement in Rescue, she'd be the best. When the questions get too tough, we can always count on Lin getting a horrible phone call or e-mail to bring in the pity factor. She is a master of manipulation. I understand that. But, as always, the facts are there for all to see. Those enabling her have the same information that we all do. They are the ones who will be instrumental in stopping her. The question is-will they ever?
By RH2

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  1. There have been a few updates concerning EPONA since i wrote this. Lin has "left" the ABR board. I received an e-mail stating that she was banned after refusing to answer questions, but have not had any success in verifying this. I would tend to believe it is true, though, as Lin usually comes back when she is in need of attention, and has not. Lin was also visitd by the Sheriff's department, I have been told. I am also trying to verify that. I am told that while no actions were taken, 140 photos were taken. If this is true, it's a start. Again, I tend to believe this since suddenly Lin ofered 13 horses up for "adoption". She has not offered any recent photos of the horses, nor will she provide any detailed information on them, but she is loking for good homes. One caveat-they wil not go to anyone who has "wished her ill or caused her harm". (Lin's words). Well, that may just leave out a whole bunch of potential good homes, because anyone questioning Lin will fall into that group in Lin's mind. I received e-mails telling me that homes have been offered and refused. Again, pure Lin drama. Most upsetting of all, there is an accusation that Lin put down a horse that did not belong to her. She was providing temporary foster for the horse, had a disagreement with the owner, and put the horse down. I hope this is not true, but it is looking like it may be. Lin has been pretty scarce in the internet world as of late. I think she is well aware that she is losing support. Her lies seem to be catching up with her. The horse mentioned in the above piece with the duct tape on her leg was rescued by a private owner. The difference in this horse from receiving proper and prompt care is nothing less than amazing. Perhaps in the case of this mare, Lin has been exposed as never before. Her lies are there for all for to see in a mare that was turned around in a matter of weeks by someone with knowledge, compassion, and the money to provide proper care. This was a mare Lin had planned to euthanise. If EPONA is closed down, then every word I have written here will be worth it. I know people have started to see the truth about Lin, and if I have had even a small part in that, I am glad. The future of EPONA remains to be seen, but at least the questions are out there.