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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Epona continues to prove to be hoarder

Lin +2 (PLUS 8!!!!!!)

Ahhhhh, it's summer- warm days, lazing on the deck with a glass of iced tea, sweating in the hot sun while shoveling manure, hay sticking all over you during feeding time-and of course, EPONA's back and begging in full force. She was pretty low profile, almost non-existent on ABR for awhile. I think so many people were on to her and her lies that she just gave up. She told everyone that EPONA was going in "a different direction".(something we hear with alarming regularity it seems), and was pretty much off board for quite some time. Good times for the horses. Those able to escape Lin's brand of love and care had chances to go to other places. To actually receive proper care, and to possibly even get adopted out. Hoarder/Rescues can't seem to let 'em go, and EPONA is second to Tierra Madre only in hoarder mentality. Gee-no wonder they support each other! But back to the story. Lin posted recently about a Freisian cross mare she had to "rescue" from a bad situation. Upon arriving at the home of the mare, she also found another 22 year old STB mare-also in foal. Of course, our lady of EPONA couldn't leave these two moneymakers-oops-mares there, so with the support of donors-Lin has no money to operate her "Rescue"on her own, she saved these two mares and brought them across state lines to EPONA. That's right folks- Lin had to travel across state lines to find horses in need. Perhaps the "unwanted horse" situation is improving? I mean, if you can't find horses in your own state that need your help, that's good, right???? Right???? Okay, moving on. So, Lin posts her tale of woe, and immediately asks for funds, because, of course Lin can't afford to house the horses she has saved. Well, some of those nasty nay Sayers on ABR got a little uppity with our Lady of EOPNA and had some questions. Lin DOES NOT LIKE QUESTIONS! One of her enablers-oops again, supporters informed all that Lin will answer questions, but only to those who donate to her cause. Interesting Fundraising tactic there, Lin. The discussion goes on, and as with all discussions involving EPONA, it turns out Lin's tale is just that-not quite the truth. It seems that these horses were already in the process of being removed. AND-and this is my very most favorite part of the story- Lin DID NOT MENTION SHE ALSO PURCHASED 8 ADDITIONAL FRIESIAN CROSSES WHILE "SAVING" THE MARES. But don't worry-Lin is not overcrowded-she simply used up the slots she had reserved for horses in need for her state she had promised to the Sheriff. Now nothing says responsible rescue like that, does it? And I can't help but wonder what will happen should the Sheriff need those spots? Hmmmm. Anyhow, there are a lot of posts, and Lin does what she does best. There are a few highlights I'd like to point out, but by all means, if it's raining and you've got nothing to do, read the thing yourself. Lin is at her victimized best, and the few supporters she has are just so ridiculous in their inability to see who she is, and what a detriment she is to Rescue. My favorite comment by one of her supporters has to be that going to EPONA is better than going to Slaughter. Are you sure about that? So, the high points. Post # 59- the poster states that "quality of care is more important than quantity of horses". If only Lin, and Jim, too, could understand that! Post 70, perhaps my favorite-Lin rants on about the accusations about the lack of medical care for the horses-there were none, then plays her trump card. Yes, folks, Lin remembers the One year anniversary of Little Wilbur Gregory's death. For those unfamiliar, he was a little donk cross allowed to run in with full sized horses, and died before reaching the age of 6 months. Lin was going to post the necropsy report. I think we're still waiting. She also states she's "done" with all of the mean people insisting on asking her questions, but assures all the horses will get the same good care they've always gotten. (Refer back to Little Wilbur here, and be very afraid for any foal). In post 86 Lin discusses all she has to get done today. I love this, it's a Jim Gath tactic also. It flies right past them that they are so overworked because they TOOK ON TOO MANY HORSES!!!!!!!!!!! Typical hoarder/victim speak, but always great to read. If you read nothing else on this soap opera, check out post 89. It lists all the inconsistencies Lin herself has posted. In post 92, we have our first donation-from a member named Beverly. Bev also happens to be a staunch supporter of one Jim Gath, even referring to him as "little brother". I wonder what sadness occurred in her life that she needs fulfillment from these two? This is the only part of this crap that saddens me about the supporters. Something is missing in their lives, and these people take advantage of it-big time. In post 135, a "private pledge" is made. It's only $5, but it keeps the ball rolling. I guess if you're too embarrassed to post publicly that you support this mess, private and anonymous is the way to go. There were also posts asking the questions Lin never wants to answer-how many horses, how many volunteers? In post 73 Lin is reminded she complained about her huge vet bill and was asking for help in paying it down. Here's another of my favorite things about Lin. She has this huge bill, yet consciously took in 2 horses she knows will require more vet care. If I was her vet, I'd be spitting mad at her irresponsible behavior. Of course, she probably lies to him, too. And hopefully, he doesn't read any of the discussion boards to see how she abuses his kindness in letting her carry a $5,000 balance. Lin answers about the number of horses and volunteers only after a member threatens to call a lawyer and look into her "Rescue" for refusing to provide the information. Lin at this time has 45 horses (I am guessing this includes the 10 new ones). 4 of those horses are in Foster care. Okay, So you have 4 horses out in Foster, and you bring 10 in? Is this making sense to anyone? In case you've forgotten, last time Lin sent horses out (Phoenix Rising) they did not fare so well, and we still really don't know what happened to them. She has 1-count him/her 1 full time volunteer, and 3-4 "part time through the summer" volunteers. Gee, Lin, could you be a little more vague? The thread goes on with support for all the wonderful things Lin does, and thanks her doing what she does. There are stories that don't add up, but that's okay. Lin just won't reply to those nasty people who want the truth. She will focus on finding Angles to pay the bills for the horses she went out of state to get, and hope everyone forgets about the extra 8 she purchased. Lin will do what Lin does, and her enablers will help her do it. And, oh gosh, I almost forgot!!!!!! Lin is hoping to set up a Mare Stare Camera, so we can all witness the miracle at EPONA!!!! She's hinting at the priceyness, maybe an "Angel" will provide the camera? Personally, I'd prefer to watch "Lin Stare" If everyone could see just who she really is and what she really does, maybe, just maybe, the donations would finally stop, and she would either have to do what a responsible Rescue does, or shut down. My money is on shutting down, since she has not done one responsible thing as a Rescue since I've known about her. We can look forward to more of Lin as victim, and of course, Lin as mommy with new "Little Stinkers" to ooh and aah over. I hope she has learned a little more about foals, and these new babies fare better than the others she's had. Stay tuned-with EPONA, it's never over. How sad is that?

By RH2


  1. Hmmm....my very well bred mare in foal to a good stud foaled this spring with no Marestare camera. I would hazzard a guess that a verrry good percentage of fairly valuable foals manage to get into this world without an idiot monitoring them on an expensive camera. Maybe this money would best be invested in gelding the studs, spaying the mares, or a timely shot of Ludilice, not to mention feed and wormer. I wouldn't call the birth of a foal by a mare who is not far above the price range of Epona a miracle. It is more accurately described as compounding the problem.

  2. Something else I don't get here. Wilbur supposedly died from being allowed to run with grown horses. How did this happen in the first place?
    The above mentioned mare foaled a filly this spring. This mare and her filly are running in a pasture with two three year old geldings, a bred mare, and three year old filly. The suckling filly plays with and is watched out for by the whole group. Her mother would peel the hide from their rears if any one of them did otherwise.

    Before this mare and filly went to grass the mare was being turned out during the day in a large lot with 4 other riding age geldings. The filly was only a week old at this time. Not one of those geldings tried to bother the filly.

    How do these people make managing horses so hard? Believe it or not given ample feed and a little bit of common sense management most horses really do want to take care of themselves and are really kind of good at survival. Accidents not withstanding:)

  3. Well for Lin, it will be all about the attention. I'm sorry to say but it has been my opinion that in her case, that is the drive. She craves attention, and will go to great lengths to get it. If it means continuiing to take in horses for others to ooh and aah over, so be it. Nevermind overwhelming feed and vet bills. Nevermind the fact that she really cannot provide proper care or training for the horses she has. She gets a huge emotional payday every time someone tells her how wonderful she is for "saving" a horse. And Lin as the victim is the icing on the cake. She creates the drama, stirs the pot, and gets everyone going. Her enablers arrive on the scene to assure her that she is indeed a blessing to each and every equine she encounters, and Lin just eats it up. I used to feel bad for her, but I can't when horses are being mistreated, and dying. In the case of little Wilbur, she found a real money maker. If anyone took the time to add up all of the time she spent online discussing all of Little Wilbur Gregory's antics, they would have known she couldn't have possibly been taking proper care of him. I believe many felt he died from an overload of worms, but she never published the necropsy report to refute that. He had been in with the herd of large horses, too, and there were those who felt that such a little fellow was in danger with such large horses. Lin posted pictures showing stock horses pastured with little Wilbur Gregory. He could have easily been kicked or stepped on. He was less than 6 months old when he died. It would have been wise to keep he and mama separated until he was weaned to at least assure that he was getting the proper nutrition, if for no other reason. But Lin bravely carries on. Wilbur is her trump card. When things get too tough, she knows the mention of him will get the enablers on her side. She is never above playing the pity card. In fact, I think she loves the extra attention. He is not the only foal to lose his life at EPONA. I believe there was a little guy who was attacked by dogs, and another foal. I am also hearing that many of the other horses she purchased with the 2 mares are also pregnant. Mare Stare will provide Lin with the attention she needs, and I can hear her now begging for "angels" to pay her bils. She is one Rescue I would love to see shut down. But she always manages to suck in those donors. Sad, really sad.

  4. So now we can add one more horse for EPONA...and one less horse for TM... I am sure Jim will get another one in a day or two.. and I am sure that EPONA will be needing cash for the new one... and well Jim always needs money and bitches when someone has money and he dont.. Both of them need to move some of the horses.. IF YOU CANT AFORD THEM.. THEN DONT HAVE THEM... STOP ASKING PEOPLE TO SUPPORT YOUR DUMB ASSES.

  5. I'm a little behind on TM, I'll have to check in. I will guess it was a casualty and not an adoption knowing TM, and will correct myself if I am wrong. Not ONE more for EPONA, 10 plus those in foal. She is the most irresponsible person I have ever heard of. She has no management skills, and it appears little equine knowledge. While she loves the save, the hard work that is involved in the daily care of these horses doesn't seem to interest her all that much. And like TM, few horses ever leave unless it's by fatality, such as "Sweet Caroline". Which brings me to an interesting side note. While she was fundraising for Sweet Caroline, she went and purchased all of these other horses. Yet people keep donating to her.

  6. Just want to update all-Lin is the proud "mama" of two foals. I am so sad.....

  7. Gotta say, Lin never ceases to amaze me. she was discussing the sire of one of the foals. She commented that the foal is OUT of a 1/2 Friesian 1/2 STUD named Edward. When told a foal is never out of a stud Lin commented that she "didn't know there were rules" and would have to look it up. Wouldn't it be really swell for those running Rescues to possess basic equine knowledge?

  8. Her mother would peel the hide from their rears if any one of them did otherwise.

    And that was the problem where little Wilbur was concerned. He was weaned and tossed in with the heard. Too many horses in too small an area and no protection from a mama.

  9. I don't even know that he was weaned. I think both mama and Wilbur were just integrated in with the herd because Lin honestly either didn't know better, or just didn't care. Videos were posted of the little guy eating out of full sized feeders, and running around with big horses. I doubt if Lin even knew whether or not he was getting the nutrition he needed. She was so busy getting all of the attention from posting about his antics I don't think it occurred to her to properly care for him.