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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I read with sadness that Jim Gath laid to rest one of his horses- a 30 year old resident of Tierra Madre, the overcrowded less than 3 acre Sanctuary for horses he operates almost solely on donations. It's quite something that a horse lives for 30 years, and a plus if those are healthy years. Jim, as always spins an emotional tale with Jim somehow the main character rather than the horse. And the FTM's (friends of Tierra Madre ) do not disappoint in their support of Jim. But as always with those of us who are such skeptics, the underlying story is sad. Jim mentions how long this horse has been in pain. How much weight he has lost. How much doctoring Jim has done on him. He talks of cutting into his foot, and of the poor guy having to bear weight on a severely arthritic leg to rest that foot. Of ongoing infections. Of the possibility of cancer. And, being Tierra Madre, of the decision not to pay a large amount of money to have x rays done on a horse who has, in Jim's opinion come to the end of the circle of life. What a sad journey it was for the horse, though. During the out pouring of sympathy for Jim, someone stated the obvious. That less numbers of horses on such a small plot of land would allow for better care and more time for Jim who is ever complaining about how over worked he is. The poster even suggested that there were indeed other people who could love these horses as Jim claims only he can. The Tierra Madre thong Club of course did not appreciate this at all! We are reminded that this is a SANCTUARY, and that Jim takes in horses NO ONE ELSE wants. With enabling like this going on, no wonder there are so many horses packed into this small plot of land! I suppose it escapes these people that along with love, horses need room to run. I don't think they have the slightest understanding of how many of the problems Jim's horses experience are at least partially related to the fact that they do not get to act like horses. They are shut up in pens, and small run ins. Horses need exercise for healthy respiratory systems, joints, muscles, and circulation. Even an old 30 year old arthritic horse is much better when able to get out there and move. To lock them all up is to guarantee lameness issues. Jim's stories of the horrors these horses came from may make for good reading, but I can't stop thinking of the day to day hell they live in at Tierra Madre. I know, I know-Jim LOVES the horses. He'd do anything for them-except keep a reasonable number on less than 3 acres, train the ones that are adoptable and adopt them out, and get his finances in order so he can afford the horses he owns. I have nothing against fundraising, but when your operation depends on it, you're doing something wrong. As long as Jim is enabled, he will continue to make life miserable for as many horses as he can get his hands on. I predict a horse will soon fill the empty slot. Jim will not be able to help himself. And it will be filled with the help and blessing of his enablers. I have to add an interesting side note here, for those EPONA fans. In the midst of Jim's posts on the loss of his horse, and the condolences from his enablers, doesn't Miss Lin just post a picture of that new baby? She just couldn't stop herself. Of course, it was under the guise of the whole "circle of life" thing. My guess is that our Lin didn't quite like the shift in attention. She and Jim are truly two peas in a pod. The only thing worse than the two of them operating separately would be them joining forces.
By RH2


  1. I have been watching the JIM thing as well... IF a horse can not get out and move then what in the heck does he think will happen... in the wild or even a pasture horse.. how many hours a day does that horse NOT move... two.. three hours a day?... without moving what in the heck does he think will happen... just like the one with the busted small bone in the back leg.. how did that happen??? kicking and hit the fence?? so lets see.. JIM'S FALT THE HORSE HAS A BUSTED LEG...how many more horses will live in hell before they have to be put down because JIM KILLED THEM... ya.. Jim kills them.. because of his hording the horses have to die.
    A HORSE NEEDS TO MOVE 20 OUT OF 24 HOURS A DAY.. not stand in a sand hole.. why do you think so many of Jim's horses have to be put down for the SAME THING...
    JIM should be known as "THE KILLER OF HORSES"
    J. Doe Montana

  2. "JIM should be known as "THE KILLER OF HORSES" "

    I agree J. Doe but first he makes them suffer for as long as they do live. Torture then death... gosh sounds like what they say about the slaughter house except that doesn't last long. Jim can torture them for years before they are lucky enough to die :(

  3. While I would love to place the blame squarely on Jim's shoulders, it is the enablers that really help this along. If Jim did not have the funding to keep him (barely) afloat, he just may have to face some realities, and do what is right. Or, he may be the next star of Animal Hoarders. Either way, perhaps the horses would get what THEY need, rather than what JIM needs. And in the end, that is what this is what it is all about. Serving the needs of a human, while pretending to "save" the horses. I often wonder, does Jim have a plan for all of these horses should he become incapacitated, or worse? Or will the love and support of the Thong Club provide for them?