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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Send Good Thoughts and Prayers!

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Where have we gone and how did we get there?
We have been in the midst of the humane treatment of horses issue for so long it seems daily we read about abuse. We try to assign blame. We really want to make someone responsible for the climate which would allow terrible things to happen to these animals we value so highly. It depends which side you are on how you distribute the blame.
This was emailed to me a short while ago. I don’t know the people personally but am familiar with the area. This is a part of the country which should not produce psychopaths, young or old. It is where rodeo means something and for many, horses are a way of life. It’s about as rural as one can get.
The horse is the most tragic victim. His owner, not only has her horse suffered so much and may die, but her trust and faith have been damaged to the point of never being the same. Call it innocence lost, however, you wish to term it. The parents of those who did this, I can’t imagine how it must feel to know your children are capable of this.

(Note, names and locations have been removed from the email for legal reasons but I'm sure our good thoughts and prayers will reach them anyway. R.M.)

Hi everyone, need your prayers for ****** and her horse.She was rodeoing this 4th was at **********, done with the rodeo and fireworks were going off.Put ******** in her trailer, got up about midnight, put him in the arena as all yards were taken, saw young people partying but didn't think anything of it, got up at 6am he was gone. Terrified, she went looking for him with the help of many others. Seems the partiers rode him down the main street hard enough to rip his shoes off. Tied him to a tree roped his legs, beat him took his front and back legs with ropes and stretched him out he fell to the ground, tied his legs as you would a calf, roped and beat him. He is cut all over and rope burned on his legs. The dad of the one kid hid him at his place and the kid found him told ***** to get the sheriff and not to go there not to go alone. I am sure they were going to destroy him. They brought him to her his head fell into her arms. She rushed him to vet his legs were swelling and after washing him off, she found it to be even worse. Today his legs broke open and you can see the tendons. If the tendon stays on the bone and if they can keep infection out, he may heal but I don't think he will be the same after something so terrible. ******* is beside herself. There is more but this is enough for you to know the jest of it all. I cannot believe anyone would do such a thing. One kid’s Dad had guts enough to tell the sheriff he wanted ***** phone number. He had deep pockets, he makes rough stock saddles at*******. He seems to think he is above the law of any kind. Don't they hang horse thieves in****** ???

It would appear this is one story of youthful partying gotten out of hand. Alcohol and possibly other drugs had a hand in it I am sure. As a personal survivor of domestic abuse, the incident has more serious undertones. Psychologists recognize cruelty to animals as one of the first indicating signs of abusive personalities. The recognition of personality traits and psychological patterns in abusive personalities doesn’t change the abuse one bit for the victim.
The unwanted horse issue had no bearing on this incident. It can’t be used as ammunition for either side.
Companion animals have long been common victims to juvenile, ritual, and cavalier torture and abuse. I can’t help wonder if horses will slip closer to companion animals in ways we never considered.


Added by R.H1 and RM -

More emails about the tortured rodeo horse

An interested party contacted PETA, thinking here is a case they could become involved with........their response was, disinterest because of their stand on rodeo........what hypocrites..........they don't condone dog fighting either but sure got involved with the Michael Vick case. Soooo I guess PETA is only interested in the abuse of your animals if they like you or if you have enough money to make it worth their while.
I have to love Google! We didn’t know how much information we should post as far as legalities go. However a little research and bingo I can provide you with a link.
Please keep this Gal and her Horse in your payers or good thoughts.

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