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Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love Honesty! especially when it’s mixed with some humor.

This is an add that was copied and posted on one of the horse forum message boards I read. I though it was funny enough to put in the blog AND was a good follow up to some of the anti rodeo comments we are getting.

For Sale-1000 lb breakfast sausage(10 yr old bay mare) - $300 (southeast Nebraska)
Date: 2009-08-05, 10:15PM CDTReply to----------removed-------
I have for sale a nice bay mare. She is 10 years old and is half Arab and half paint. She is easy to catch and gentle to work with. Lifts all feet for cleaning. Very pretty perky ears. Tame and leads and loads easily. No biting or nipping. Teeth in good shape. Recently wormed. Bucks like a rodeo bronc. Nice disposition. Good with other horses. Bucked off my daughter and will be turned into sausage if she is not sold. I will not sell her to someone who is not an experienced horse person. Would consider selling her to someone with a bad mother in law. She does not just give a couple bunny hops, she gets good height and leg extension. If you know a good rodeo contractor, let me know. Would make a nice pasture pet like a lot of other horses are, just not in my pasture. She might make someone a nice brood mare. Very gentle to handle. Just bucks like a banshee. Get some PETA buddies together and save this horse from the sausage grinder!
· Location: southeast Nebraska
· it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

So it would seem this little horse LIKES to buck. I own one who loves to buck so I know where this seller is coming from. If this mare is anything like mine there is no warning before it starts, no anger or malice either. After the rider comes off he comes right over to check you out on the ground often nuzzling you. I wish I had found a rough stock buyer for mine, he would have a more productive life now and would be off my feed bill. I think he would be happier too to have a job he is good at. Mine was/is lucky enough to have a couple jobs here so has not had to become sausage....yet.... lol.
So how about it.... anyone know any rough stock buyers who might be interested in this mare? I hate to see a horse who may have a talent and future job become a sandwich in EU lets save that job for those who really need it.



  1. There are horses that love to buck. We came across one about 12 years back. He was like the one described in the comment....No anger, no malice. He had never been abused, and after he got you off, he trotted right over to see how you were doing. He was a cute little horse, and great on the ground. His owners finally gave up after taking him to a few trainers, and sold him to a trader. He brought good money at a sale, and ended up doing Rodeo. He was happy bucking, and was pretty good at it.
    Some horses, through no bad treatment, just buck. If they can find a job doing what they like, why not let them do the job?

  2. You got Korkow and Sutton in South Dakota and Rumford in Kansas. Lot of rodeos going on in Nebraska this time of year. All she would need to do is look up one close to her and go see them.